First Grow did I drown my seeds

This is my first grow. I’m starting out in Solo Cups. I’m using Coco Loco for my growing medium to begin with. I didn’t germinate my seeds before hand I put them directly in the dirt. The first day that the seeds were put in the dirt I used a spray bottle to water the medium and then on Day 2 I used the spray bottle and added a shot glass worth of water. On the third day I didn’t add any water to the medium. I’m worried I may have used to much water for my seeds. Can someone give me advice please. My temp in my tent is 73 degrees and I have the solo cups covered with plastic. Did I drown my seeds? I have my lights on a 18/6 schedule

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Germination has worked for me every time for popping seed.

Yea I’m thinking I will germinate before I put them in the dirt next time.

give it some time to ride out and keep the soil moist… sometimes they just take longer than others to pop.

@if3gt4 ok thanks I’m probably just being impatient

i think you will be ok… i often times just put them directly into the soil… some pop in a few days and others can take longer for sure…

Probably not, but I would maybe see what members starting in coco have to say. I usually germinate then place into rapid rooter.

@dbrn32 Thanks for replying and I will check into it…anything helps when you are in experienced.