First grow diary

Yeah all my fans run at full speed 24/7 and 6” exhaust going outside running at 90%, humidity in the room air is being pulled from is at 40% running a 4500sq ft dehumidifier, night temps dip to about 72 day temps are 77-81 depending on how hot of a day it is

Dry tent is at 71f and 42% RH when I last looked at it I’m sure the RH will increase once I hang the buds but I have a small dehumidifier I can put in the dry tent if needed and plants run a 6” fan for air circulation and a 4” spider farmer exhaust I’ll keep low just trying to see what ambient is in the tent before I need it

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The reasoning behind cooler temps and lower RH late in flower is to mimic autumn environments and let the plant finish naturally I guess. According to Bruce Bugbee not flushing but cooling before harvest is shown to be beneficial. I ice water them for the last watering.

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Well it’s been a few days, I have not chopped yet searched around the plant and is working it’s way there but no quite ready yet really got into the buds and mostly cloudy and a few amber is what I’m seeing, figured I’d go till Tuesday or wendsday and see how she looks

Besides that today was watering day, defenitly have a few brown spots on some leaves but they have been on a bunch of leaves for some time, including before I started cal mag so I’m letting it roll, I believe most of them are getting close to the end within the next few weeks so I’ll keep up with the schedule they are on for now

Some more

And some more

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Some pics of the girl I’m gunna chop soon, she’s been eating herself for about a week started plain water feedings about 8 days ago

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Same strain (candy kush) same age at least 2-3 weeks behind

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Here’s a Hindu Kush for reference completely different bud structure, much more airy Thant he candy kush, the candy is like a rock these Hindu’s are filling out slowly

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Few more of the Hindu Kush

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And just because I know everyone loves a good blurple shot haha

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Alright folks… First chop is done! After 2 days of testing with the wife with quick 2 day dry testers my wife and myself were pleased with the plants effects for us. Can’t wait to try it after a real dry and cure!

I feel successful for my first plant harvested and feel the yield I got from this one plant is more than adequate for my first indoor grow. Can’t wait to see how the other 5 turn out since they now got spread out more in the tent and will have it that way till the next plant is ready then they can get spread out more

I don’t have a scale so total weight can’t be checked wet, but I did a quick wet trim mainly fan leaves and some of the bigger sugar leaves, I know my tent will be a little on the low side for humidity so I kept most of the sugar leaves on for the dry I’ll deal with them for the dry trim (currently at 55%RH) and tent temp is at 75f not much I can do about temp I’ll keep it as low as possible, hopefully it can make it at least 7 days to dry. mini dehumidifier is in the tent on the bottom on low, I’ll check humidity later after the buds start evaporating I’d imagine RH will come up. Also have a 6” clip on fan in the corner facing across the tent at the wall not at the buds.

2/2 let me know what you think, or any drying tips you have, I froze the fan leaves in a Tupperware (Cooke dough container :joy::joy:) in case I need them to do any rehydrating

I have mini hydrometers for the bags/jars… bodiva packs for the mason jars as well as grove bags (58%-62% bags) I’ll be trying both jars and bags for the cure

Also wanted to take a second and thank EVERYONE who has helped me along this first grow to make it successful and enjoyable for me! So happy I have medicine for myself and my wife and I know I’ll have a supply as long as I decide to grow. Much appreciated to all of you for your opinions and just conversations in general, now just to wait for this one to dry and cure… and for the last 5 plants to finish of course!!!