First grow diary

The new dehumidifier is kicking ass, my tent humidity with dry pots was 66-68% been running the new dehumidifier for about 2 hours already pulled a half gallon of water from the air and my tent RH has dropped to 47% even after watering the plants this morning and it’s still dropping once I’ll let the dehumidifier run all night at full blast then set it to 40% RH tomorrow and we’ll see how the tent does, I can drop it as low as 35% for the lung room or just run 24/7, works for me either way as I live in a log construction home and my basement humidity was at 64% so either way I don’t need to start growing mold in the basement… was also a great excuse to tell the wife to buy a $270 dehumidifier haha

Ok folks all these pics are off of one of my most mature looking plants. Others look much farther behind this girl, opinions on harvest? I’m seeing a lot more amber mixed in now, still about 50/50 as far as pistils turning amber


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@Mikedin Depends if these are pics of buds or leaves and depends how you like your smoke. I can’t tell with the pink pics. Get a few shots up tight to the bud.

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Mainly for pain relieving and body, it helps my wife relax I’ll take her out if the tent and get a few new shots, those are all bud shots not leaves I moved the leaves out of the way before positioning microscope

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So here’s the setup and the best pics I can take personally lol I feel like I see a few clear, mostly cloudy, mabye 5% amber but my eyes aren’t great lol


How do u want your smoke? If that is a bud shot, I would chop within a few days. Let me call on @Newt likes it like me. Full thc.

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He should be here soon

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Awesome thank you! Yeah the wife and myself don’t smoke a ton but she likes to take a hit or 2 a few hours before bed and feel nice while we watch a show on tv, she has some pain in her legs, so the other morning I took a little bud off this plant and opened it up a bit and let it sit for the day, smoked it just like that few hits each and a few minutes later she looked at me and said… I can barely feel my legs :joy: and I felt pretty nice after about 5-6 good pulls off the bowl

Mind you neither of us smoked for years, I was a daily smoker for about 18 years but it’s been a good 8-10 years since I’ve even taken a hit so fair to say our tolerance is near… zero haha, upside is our harvest will last us quite awhile lol

And yes I pulled the leaves back and pointed the scope right at the bud and adjusted magnification from there

My other plant has sugar leaves so frosted that they look near white along the edges of the leaves but all the trichs are 95% clear on that one so she has awhile still, the other 4 plants I’d say have some weeks left to go

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If that’s the case, you may want to wait for more amber. you don’t want to jittery and paranoid.

I don’t mind waiting a bit longer just don’t wanna get to that instant pass out point at least not with this particular plant. This one we want to have the most potential pain relief point

Would you assume this is at full THC point potentially

In the end out of the 6 plants I’d like 1/3 to be energetic so I can go out and hit up the garden to do some work and feel great at the same time

1/3 of it pain relief
1/3 of it mostly sedative to help sleep

Kinda like a full medicine cabinet lol

Hard to judge what stage they are at on the first grow lol

Also the can’t feel my legs statement the wife made was a good thing, she couldn’t feel her legs hurting anymore just kinda numb and she liked that

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@Mikedin It’s hard to tell for many. @Newt is the only 1 i know that can help me decide. lol


On the upside I did have an Amazon delivery today grove bags will also be here by the end of the month for the next plant I harvest I wanted to try both the bags and mason jars and see what I liked more

And my original sprout box will be my dry box, currently at 70f and 49%RH empty and exhaust fan off, small room in the basement basically coolest room in the house so I believe it’ll be the best I have to work with, also have a small dehumidifier if the humidity rises too much to put in this room, big dehumidifier is pulling 4 gallons of water out of the air a day in my air intake room to the grow tent keeping it at about 45% RH in the tent


I think she’s getting close. But if it were mine, I think I’d wait for a day or 3, and keep checking… Maybe a weekend chop.


Personally, I wouldn’t harvest one to be a sleep aid. I make sleep aids (capsules) by decarbing trim from THC to CBN then infusing into coconut oil, and then filling size 00 gel caps. I sleep like a baby (and several friends beg me for them), and I didn’t have to use good smokable buds to do it.


Thank you! That’s great I work the next 3 days then I’m off for a week so I’ll be able to monitor the drying for at least 7 days

That’s a great idea for the sleep aid, ill be looking into making edibles etc but that’s the next step lol, do you freeze your trim after drying to save it till you’re ready to make your edibles?

I’ll see where I am in a day or 2 hopefully I can make it to Friday morning without it going too far, and that would work out perfect, thank you for the help!

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I freeze two separate parts of my trim. I freeze a handful of fan leaves from each strain and keep it just in case I end up in an over dry situation, then I can use something of the same strain to rehydrate. If it turns out that i don’t need it for that, this goes to the compost bin.

And i only do a rough trim before drying. These are mostly the intermediate sized stuff that has a higher trichome content. I freeze this, and after my final trim, I thaw it, dry it, and add it to my final trimmings for edible or sleep med processing.

It’s fairly late, and I have a buzz, so hopefully that makes sense.

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Yep makes complete sense I didn’t even think about saving leaves for rehydrating if needed I’ll definitely do that when I cut it down

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To me it looks like a few amber on the leaves. Grenerally if you still see some clear ones, the amber ones are on the leaves. Peak potency comes just as the bud trichomes start going to amber. So I’ll look for the first few ambers on the buds not the early amber one on the leaves.
Also, make no mistake, it is challenging to photo shiny microscopic spherical objects. Light positioning is key. Over exposed washed out trichomes look frosty even when clear.

Lol yeah it is a hell of a time to get those pics, I did adjust the led lights on the scope up and down trying to see if anything changed, I figured either Way I’m waiting till probably Friday morning and I’ll check again if I’m seeing a bunch more amber I’ll probably chop, but either way it doesn’t hurt to go another few days I’ll be off for a week after Friday anyways. Glad when I watered last week it was plain water time lol, I’ll give another plain water to that plant next watering which should be Friday anyways, if there’s a ton of ambering I’ll skip the watering and prepare to chop

I like 71’F, 39% RH. Flushing won’t do anything but make you feel better, unless you’ve over-fertilized. Cooler temps are good toward the end and may help maintain peak potency, but keep the RH down and the air moving to avoid bud rot which likes cool damp conditions.