First grow. Day 42 (week 6)

Hi all,

It’s my first grow. I’ve got 2 auto blue dreams from MSNL and 2 early miss from crop seed king. The blue dreams are the two flowering. I’m doing an organic grown using living soil in coco loco in 3.8 gallon. Let me know what you all think.


Plants look happy and healthy!!! Good luck the rest if the way…im not too far ahead of you

Think they could use some water. Leaves are a little droopy. Also, how high is your light? All lights are different but my light manufacturer says 18" above canopy when they flower. Looking good overall though!! Nice work

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Yes, that one front right looks like it needs some H2O, feeding, or both. Soil does look rather dry. Better than too wet!

Continued success.

You guys nailed it. Snapped this pic as I opened the tent to give them water.

I’m using ViparSpectra XS2000. They recommend 18-24”. Lights are hanging about 22” right now.

@OrganicCannaGrow210 Pic didn’t show up but the lights sound about perfect :smile:

I figured out that leaves were getting a bit light burnt. See first pic. I raised the light a few inches and turned them down to about 85-90%. Plants seem to like that better now. See second pic.

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That’s great. Always nice when you can problem solve and have success. Helps build confidence and future success. :+1:

On another note: That back, right one looks very droopy. Did your lights just come on recently before the pic? The reason I ask is because I am experiencing similar. I know it is not a water issue, pH, or TDS imbalance as those figures are in the green. I am on week 6 (2 week flowering) and I am thinking it is temperature. My temps vary greatly from lights on to lights off, and I am wondering if the light is causing the droop. It is only the top leaves which are impacted.

Anyway, didn’t want to intrude on your update. Just similarity and wanted a little more info. :sunglasses:

Continued success.

So that back right one that looks droopy and the front left one are the same early miss. Back right one is still growing taller and barely starting to flower while the front left one started flowering like 2 weeks go. The back left and front right ones are the blue dreams and they started lowering at like week 3-4. I think that back one does need some extra water. I just bent her right before that pic because she seems to be growing still so I didn’t want her to get too close to that light. I’m doing an organic grow so just using RO water at 6.6 pH. I am doing micro chum feeding once a week now and am increasing water now to every other day.

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My temp/humidity varies depending on lights on/off. I’m using a 20/4 schedule. I am running about 79-80 day and 69-70 lights off. RH is about 40% lights on most days but goes up to whatever surrounding RH is during lights off. Usually 50-55% depending on weather. This is my first grow so I don’t have a whole lot of experience and am learning/testing stuff out as I go.

Thanks for the info. Good to have some comparisons. Can’t really say what lights our temps/humidity are as I am in the office during lights out. I’m running 18/6 at 1800hrs - 1200hrs.

No fancy equipment with auto temp/humidity adjustments. Very simple: 2x2 closet, one plant, two lights, two fans, one humidifier, one dehumidifier.

Not sure what is causing the wilting other than the temp fluctuations. I can estimate around low-mid 60s/40-50 RH at lights out and 70s-80s/35-40RH lights on.

As you said, keep testing and keep learning.

Looks as if you are prepared for some perpetual grows!

Continued success.

I will have to read more carefully, but I don’t think you should post competitors products. :thinking: Wouldn’t want for you to get removed from the forum. :grimacing: