First Grow-Day 30-Looking good so far

Standing 9 inches or so tall.

Day 30

PH is sitting around 6.5-7

1/4 strength nutrients about to move up to 1/2 strength next water.

Need to go scoop a humidity reader / better quality lights but so far so good I think.

If anyone has any tips or something I should be doing please let me now.


Looking very good, only thing I can suggest is move her to a bigger pot, but thats just me, you gotta go with what space you got…
If its the only plant you have, then go big if you can…
Indoor 10-20 gallons, outdoor 50 gallons and up or into ground…
If you have more and grow indoors then 5 gal should be ok
Happy growing !!!

Very nice! These are my white widow autos starting their 4th week of life :slight_smile:

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