First grow: day 29 and post lst -what to do next?

Hello all

My first indoor grow and first time trying LST due to a shorter tent with a twisted tree Newberry auto.

Pics first

Anyway this lady looks ok but not as big as my prior outdoors or 30 day indoors started and moved outdoors

My suspicion is she’s lagging because I had my new led was a bit too close and at 70 percent. I just backed off on the dimmer and moved it up to 30 inches a few days ago. she seems to a be a bit happier after that

Any suggestions or advice or comments appreciated ? Such as : Leave the lst and then tie down branches when it gets a bit tall? Leave her as is ? Let her loose and defoliate a bit etc …

Grow info as follows

Twisted tree Newberry auto in a 3 gallon

Stonington blend organic soil

Green sunshine 180 led, now at about 30 inches above and dialed down to 50-60 percent intensity

Just hit with recharge and first stonington
plant food (was a bit late on this dry nute I think)

Tap and or distilled water

Tent temps about 70-72

RH between 42-55


Hey! Shes looking good. Unfortunately i cannot give much advice since i am on my first grow. But i noticed a few things… we are using the same soil AND my girl looks like what your girl did before you adjusted the light.

I would appreciate it if you can take a look at my girl and see if you think that my issue is also with my light? But my light is only 100W… maybe it’s the soil?

Looking good she will stretch abit when ot comes to flowering

U want to let ur pics upload first before hitting the button

you have to click the arrow, that’s just a link to my post, no upload

You want to get ur rh up abit best of having rh around 65-80% threw veg stage apart from that ur doin good

Theres something going on there maybe a iron def or a magnesium def

thanks… I’m getting a lot of that so it’s probably from the PH of my water, it was 8.0. I fed yesterday with 6.5 so i hope to see some improvement soon

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Yes u do have a iron deficiency im not sure on how to fix it i think u can use molasses as it has iron in it i would mix two tablespoons of molasses in warm water and that to ur water when feeding

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Yah u want to have ur ph at 6.5 for sure but give it a feed of molasses aswell

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i’ll hold off on the molasses for now and feed 6.5ish and see what happens. I def think it’s PH issue and correcting that should resolve the deficiency… i hope :crossed_fingers:

Lot’s of these deficiencies look alike and it’s hard to tell whats what

Well at least u know what to do if it doesnt correct its self ,but its a nice plant just needs the green colour back

thanks, at least she’s growing!

Yah have you thought about making compost tea to feed ur plant .

Big typo in my original post. I’m at day 39n not 29…which is why I posted since she looked like she is 10 days behind …lol

Thanks for any reply

sorry for hijacking your post a bit there… she looks good. Did she already do her “flower stretch”?

No problem

She’s not really hitting the stretch from what I can tell…but since it’s my first indoor grow hard to tell if I’ve dialed in on light intensity and height …

Have you checked your PPFD/DLI? There is a good post here all about it

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