First Grow (CO outdoor)... Cat turds, trichomes and colas, hey hey!

Been reading for awhile, thanks to all for the great info here! I wanted to get some details of the grow listed, throw out some pictures, etc., and I’m open to whatever comments or constructive advice anyone would like to give. ~12 seeds were sourced randomly (cough!), I have no idea where they came from, and they are indeed different!

Seeds sprouted under lights on 4/9/21, went in the ground on 5/7, right before our Mother’s Day snow (no hard freeze), which stunted pretty much everything for awhile. Found first male on 5/16; ended up with six plants after removing them promptly. On 6/18 was my first sign of a female at about 8" high (10 wks).

By 7/30 things were starting to grow (up to 18"), though one plant has turned into my ‘Little Guy’ (she’s a girl), and is looking like she aims to be a self-made Thai stick! She started getting dense at the stalk by 8/10, at which time the five other plants were as high as 28" (13 wks), all a bit spindly, half the plants with narrower leaves. By 8/10 all plants were starting to flower except one.

On 8/23 I trimmed some blocking fan leaves, and gave a shot of bloom nutrients (they were otherwise ‘starved’ until now, thus their spindly nature, I assume). Little Guy’s smell started getting really good, notably different than the others (more piney/fuel, compared to others which seem fruity). By 8/25 colas were starting to really develop on a few plants, largest of which was at 36" [15 wks]. To this point all has looked green and generally healthy.

On 9/3 found the first two caterpillars, about 1/2" long and sort of grey-tan mottled. Picked up Captain Jack’s the next morning as soon as Ace was open. Two days later I found some cat turds and one ~1/4" cocoon-looking thing, white with black spots. I smooshed it. Starting to really dislike the inect kingdom, about now.

Today a found one 3/4" green juicy caterpillar, and three 2mm grey ones, and the latter looked dead (were not moving at all), so I assume that’s the Captain Jack’s doing it’s thing. Most of the calyxes are still mostly white with some getting orange, and the trichomes on the sugar leaves are milky, a few amber. I know they turn first, so not getting too excited yet.

My problem is we’re off to the Telluride Blues and Brews Fest soon, for two weeks in our trailer. At this stage of the game I’m guessing harvest is still >2 weeks out, but I’m a noob, so any clarity appreciated. I have a friend who will come and hack them if we get a big snow or a freeze, but I’m hoping to escape that until we return.

Anyway, pictures to illustrate below, a few taken with a 100mm macro lens (the trichome images). Cheers to you all for a good harvest as we near the end of the outdoor growing season!

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I was hoping image names would show up for clarity, but not showing. Images are in order, oldest to most recent. The three cola images are of the same plant (fence in background) on 8/10/21, 8/25 and 9/7.

BTW, my Little Guy (term used loosely) has remained the same height for the last 6 weeks, but he’s got a prolific cola covering his main stem!

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Looking nice! Welcome to the forum community. Happy Growing!

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You have at least 3 weeks probably more I don’t see any brown hairs yet and most of them will be brown come harvest.

Intresting growing plants very lankey due to your lack of sun it seems but still good sized buds, you may need to support them by the time you come home with some bamboo sticks or something, might even be good to do it before you leave. If your leaving for 2 weeks.


Thanks for the welcome, @TheVirginian!

@Nicky, thanks for that info, I was hoping I was at least three weeks out. I did buy some sticks for that purpose, so I guess I’ll get them up before I leave.

One of the plants does have some browning, but it’s still probably 90% white. I hope the weather holds!

I agree with @Nicky you probably have more than 3 weeks left. I’d go a step further and say more than 4 weeks to go.

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I agree I think he’s at least a month out lol, just wanted to say it’s not gonna be done or close to done when he gets back from all the music booze and cannabis fest.


Welcome to the community. They looks beautiful. Like the fellas above said 4 more weeks at least.

Thanks SilvaBack! Nicky, got back from the music/booze/cannabis/psi fest, was a super-great time! Thanks to all of you who gave me peace of mind that I wouldn’t return to over-ripe plants!

As predicted, I returned to some serious bud-fattening on some of the plants, and at least no huge caterpillar infestation (maybe a few more than when I left, but I expected worse after 16 days). It’s very interesting seeing the variable nature of each plant, having come from random seeds that I honestly don’t know the provenance of. Two plants are super-spindly with popcorn buds everywhere, the ‘little guy’ is like a baby Thai stick that doesn’t grow upward, one plant got bushy with fan leaves like I’d expect an indica plant to have, one has medium-dense orange buds, and one with fat colas that I can’t wait to harvest. The different aromas are amazing! Found one bud with what I expect is rot (removed), one grey/dead (removed), and now post-rain, two buds look ‘wet’ in a not-good way (watching).

HARVEST! Now I’m getting close, I need to get my act together. Took images of each 6 plants, below. I have an idea of where to go, but looking for some expert guidance here. Clearly all these plants are at slightly different stages of maturity, and it just got cool with rain here in CO, but forecast for 60-70s next week. Leaving again for 4 days on 10/7 (to visit my son in college and see Anders Osborne at Tipitina’s!), so I may end up with a harvest conundrum or two. It could always frost and play my hand early, which would be a bummer for two of the plants.

Anyway, here are the pics (Plants 1 through 6, hope they come out in order), look forward to hearing from you experts; I’m expecting one plant is quite nearly ready to harvest. Thanks again in advance!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: really looking amazing

Hey thanks, getting antsy with the weather starting to turn.

Anyone have any input on when to harvest, especially the ones that appear close to being done? I’d appreciate any input!

Start checking trichomes so we can give you a good answer. The suger leaves will always tell u lies

So the detail pics provided above don’t suffice?

Negative you will need a jewelry loop or bluetooth microscope so u can check them properly.

This my girl at 6 weeks

C the difference

Edit. BTW she’s outside where temperature at night is dropping to the low 50s

OK, let’s try these…

Plant 1:

Plant 2:

Plant 3:

Plant 4:

Plant 5:

Plant 6:

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Nice def almost time. They are getting cloudy that’s good now its up 2 the high you want.

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Thanks for the info!

Yesterday I chopped three plants so that they are presumably dry by the time I leave for NOLA. I’ll probably chop one more the day before I leave so it can dry while I’m gone, and the last two will have to wait a bit.

Peroxide, Lemon+Baking Soda, then water wash. Only had a couple caterpillars come off in the water, hopefully there just weren’t many; hopefully the cat turds readily came off in the water!

Nice haul. I did a bud wash myself so much crap came out of it