First Grow: Chocolope + Super Lemon Haze


Looking Good.


17 days since initial germination:


Super Lemon Haze

After the reservoir change and the addition of hydroguard, it would seem as if the plants have been fully rejuvenated. New growth is exploding! The roots still look a little goopy in the same spots that they did before, but lots of new white growth:

pH is running around 6.0, temps are 73-76, TDS is around 700. I’ll be upping that to around 1000 in the coming days and adding a CO2 emitter for the rest of the grow.

Do you guys have any suggestions?



Just another quick update. Everything seems to be going well! No new signs of distress as far as I can see. The root growth and leaf production have been through the roof! Here’s some new pics and a quick comparison of the last 8 days of growth. Images realized based on 4” net pot to show accurate size comparison:



Looking strong!


Hey guys, so something is going sideways with a few of my guys. Over the past few days, the leaves of some two of the four plants have started getting yellow patches and the tops of some of the leaves are getting a tad crispy on some leaves.

Root production is still very good, they’re filling out their buckets nicely. They just got a water change and new nutrients. Even the healthiest of leaves on the plants were feeling pretty dry, so I added a humidifier to the room. Running on high. Spout is about 8” away from the plants with a fan blowing the cool mist just over the canopy.

Room temp: 75 (day), 69 (night)
Reservoir temp: 68F
pH: 6.0
Humidity: was averaging around 48%, now around 65-70%
TDS: 780ppm

Still running the same lights. I highered the LED to about 20” away from the plants to compensate for their extra height. Only feels ever so slightly warm on the back of my hand at canopy height. No risk of feeling uncomfortable due to heat.

Please help with any more ideas you might have with setup modifications or remedy procedures.

Thanks so much again guys!


Ps. Here’s a quick pic of the grow system as of yesterday:


Just a small update:

As of 8/6 I’ve officially switched the plants to flowering! We’re two days in and the growth rate has obviously increased already. Parameters are now in check and they appreciated the lower pH and nutrient levels. SLH on left, Chocolope in right.

I’ll be swapping the T5 light out for a second FS LED this weekend to get some more red bands in there.

Next round I’m going to try to transition into a RDWC with an auto top-off feeding from a pH’d reservoir and a pH regulator, plus a stronger bubbler, third LED, and a CO2 emitter. Think all of this is a good idea?

P.S. Now that they’ve had some time to get over the nutrient burn, I’m going to give them a good once-over with the shears this weekend too.

Thanks again!



So, it’s been a little bit of a rough go at it these past few weeks. I very much underestimated the ability for things to go wonky here. After a series of water issues (temp, pH) and lighting concerns (not enough light, leaf burn), I’m finally getting the hang of this whole DWC growing thing, I think. The plants have probably been pretty well atunted by all of my mess ups, but I’m pushing them through the flower cycle anyway to see what the yield will be, and to have the satisfaction of actually completing my first grow haha.

Switched to flower on August 6, so we’re half way through week 4 of flower. About a month to go, here’s what the babies look like:

I can’t wait to finish these guys out and start the next batch! Probably gonna drop some Strawberry Caugh and more SLH in a few weeks (and build my new setup) to get them to veg by time these guys are ready to be harvested.


You must have bought the same mixpack that I did.
My next grow will be Chocolope and Super Lemon Haze.
I have never grown these strains before so I will be watching this grow


Seems like it! Right side is Chocolope, left is SLH.


chocolope will mature much faster than the Lemon in my experience. These two strains will provide a good diversity for smoking but challenging in the same indoor grow space. I’ll tell you what the choco is super dense and couch lock stoney and the lemon is so cerebral and tasty. Set to watching…


The mix pack also comes with strawberry cough. Would that be a better fit with the lemon haze? @hangthebanksters


I dunno I never grew strawberry cough. Is it a sativa hybrid? If so then yes would probably mature slower and keep a similar pace to the lemon haze.


They are all Sativa. It is the sativa mix pack. Thats why I’m am puzzled that you would describe the chocolope like it was an indica. I thought all sativa where a more energetic buzz.


chocolope is a hybrid but it matured quicker and had shorter, denser colas than lemon haze which took longer to mature. I dunno??? I guess if you had a way to separate the plants in your grow space with different fixtures that you could adjust for each canopy it wouldn’t be an issue…


So far, the two strains are really close in grow height and speed. We may see this change as they progress through the flower stage, but as of now, I have one superstar plant from each strain that’s taller than the rest of their strain, but are practically the same size as each other (if the SLH isn’t actually a tad bigger), and their buds all started on the same day. So, we’ll see!



So these guys look pretty damn close to harvest to me! About 80% of the pistils are red, the trichomes are milky, very few starting to turn amber. Soooooo, looks like this week is the week to harvest these little stunted underachievers!


Super Lemon Haze:


Nice pics, but your haze still has some time left.


How can you tell?


Her pistils are still very white. They need time to turn brown and shrivel up. Then it’s time to check the trichs.