First grow Candyland Fem!

What’s happening Gromies, would like to thank you for viewing this post. I’m currently running a 2x2x4 Tent , Viparspectra 300w LED, FFOF soil, GH trio. I’m currently in the seedling stage my water is PH between 6.6 and 6.7, I haven’t check ppm of soil yet but I don’t think it’s a need at the moment since I’m Day 4 after planting in soil. My temp has been holding in between 73-79 degrees. Don’t have a humidifier but using a bottle until I can buy one. Also have plans to purchase inline fan and carbon filter but it just taking it slowly since I don’t have to worry about a smell any time soon.


For some reason this one has not sprouted I’m gonna give 2 more days I really don’t know when to give up on seed


Well decided to clean a little off the top of soil and found the other seed like it was stuck I’m gonna see what happens tomorrow hopefully she stretches to light


Leaves are very yellow

you need a little fan to blow on them when they get alittle bigger, you can put a pan of water with a rag hanging out in front of fan to raise humidity , are you growing autos?

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No these are candyland feminized seed s

Looks like moving the dirt off top helped my baby out she is reaching for light and leaves are green.


The cotyledons usually are that early on. They start out white when they first pop the seed case off.

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It was actually trapped under soil luckily I got curios and moved the soil around a few pieces of wood was stopping it from sprouting.


Looking good I’m in the same size tent! Going to tag along if you don’t mind.


lol the more the merrier i know I’m gonna need help

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I’m looking into the pan with water now

Here’s my girl


She looks good my g. What strain?

Bag seed, can’t remember if gelato cookies or wedding cake

I’m sorry candyland photo

Quick update I think I placed this one a little deeper than my other girl but she has sprouted as is looking nice


Nice!! Man before you know it your plants gonna be as big as @Breezy plant. I’ll follow along too.


Thanks my g​:muscle:t6::muscle:t6::muscle:t6:

Pretty nice frost for bag seed! What light are you using?

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