First Grow by Mrs. Daisy

No worries about the light. I’m pretty sure, with the white pistols showing like they are, you still have a couple of weeks.

A night shot is what I was trying to say.

Shouldn’t have had that last hit! … lol

Go back, if you don’t know, and count weeks from the first bud site. 8-10 from that, maybe more or less.

But the white pistols and the bud itself looks like it’s still has some swelling left to do.

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One thing I noticed is the way your leaves protruding from the bud are curling up tells me that you are pushing the lights a bit hard on her, That may contribute to the trics turn amber too early if they are? Monitor and adjust a little at a time if necessary. :v::sunglasses:

Thank you. Yea I figured she had alittle longer to go but it was fun so get some up close looks. I haven’t turned the lights up any in strength. I did adjust her height to get her closer to the light tho? Maybe should bring her back down? One concern i have is that alot of the white pistols look like newer pistols. If you get really close to the buds I can see them still in the caylex folded over like they are newer getting ready to emerge. I feel like I see new white hairs everyday.


This is where getting to know your plants and light comes into play. Just enough light so they don’t foxtail and enough to keep them in top shape.

I can’t remember what light you have but I’d be willing to bet, there are folks here that can help you dial it in, or at least give you some tips with it.

If I’m not mistaken, with new (white) pistils, that means the plant is still producing new trichomes. Another week to 2 weeks maybe, I always just look at the trichomes and not the pistils. I had some white pistils up until harvest on my plants this week, but the trichomes were showing ready. I only have 3 grows under my belt so take my advice with a grain of salt lol.

I really appreciate all of y’alls help!!

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