First Grow, Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue #4


Oh and I forgot to add that, Darnell, my window sill plant, had his roots completely ripped off so I could take that pic from last week haha. It wasnt just a harsh transplant it was brutal hahaha


Everyone is looking great, good job!


Thanks! So0o0o I may need to go 12/12 next Sunday. Is this doable yet??


Really? I think you can veg a little longer.


Yea I think so too but I’m moving on the first of January so I’m worried about my timeframe.


Ah, I see, then flip away!


Your girls will double size after you flip lights to 12/12! You’ll see :slight_smile:


I may wait two weeks and possibly do a earlier harvest at 9 weeks opposed to 10 which was recommended by Bergman’s grow guide for GG#4.


Yea. Let that GG and BB get as big as possible. As far as pure d overdrive weed. GG and Diesel take the cake in my experience. You’ll thank me later. Flip a week or so HARD before halloween and wait for your new years (precured) celebration

O n sorry didnt respond immediately. Finally cleared notifications so should be quicker then 9 days. But yea. I built a strip light. Kinda similar to qbs. But i feel in the club so :tada:. :joy::joy:. Its cheaper to build. But still takes a few bucks. Expect around a dollar a watt. Give r take.


What does pure D overdrive weed mean? Ill def wait a week before halloween, to easy. So what does Hard mean? Im 18/6 now and one week before halloween ill switch to 12/12.

All good on the wait man no worries and yea ima get into QBs when i get my own place. I rent right now, The shittiest part about the south is we dont have basements like i did up north. Basements are so perfect for growing and ventilation and everything haha


Yup no basements round here neither.

Pure d overdrive weed = that knock u on ur a$$, tastes like premium octane, u feel :rainbow: shooting out ur head type of bud. 2-3 hits and put it out ganja.

The flip HARD - Some people ease the lights down 18/6, 17/7, 16/8 etc. it minimizes stretching (allegedly, but helpful technique for someone running out of vertical height). Some flip over one night. From 20/4 to 12/12 just overnight. And others FORCE them into a flower. 1-3 days of darkness between 20/4 and 12/12. Just to… ‘push’ them into flower.

Hope i helpd. Sorry my grammar is absolute poo


Awesome knowledge bro! Ok so im guessing the HARD flip means going from 18/6 to 12/12 in one night or is it the 3 days of darkness to force them? I was planning on doing the first option of 18/6-12/12 in one night.


That’s the way I do it


The straight over night flip i believe is how majority of everyone does it. Tried and true method so to speak. The other two methods ive actually picked up around here. And would feel more comfy recommending the couple days dark then 12/12 if id have done them myself but alas…


Lookin’ good Rod. I’ve got GG #4 going on as well. Just took 4 cuttings of it and put them in Rapid Rooters in my Cloner last night along with 11 germinated Super Skunk seeds.


Nice! I have an update coming tomorrow. I started scrog going my ladies, very excited haha


Post some pics :slight_smile:


Lookin’ forward to it. Pulling up a seat.


Week 6 Update!!! :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::video_game:

Hey yall so i started scrogging the ladies, their isnt much to show becuz I tied them down twice already and so this time im letting them grow a little higher so I have more room for crafting and less tie downs, twist and bends and whatever.

So this guy is a fun experiment im doing from a spiral plant i seen online that I thought was really awesome.

So yea she seems to be going good when it comes to her nutrients. I do half doses of everything, the plants were given a revive foliar spray which is why they have those watery stains. Idk if i did it right tho hah


I didnt wanna crowd your journal but I seem to be having better tops then fims if that makes sense. lol @raustin