First Grow, Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue #4


Ok cool no problem I’m gonna kill her. Anyway to do anything cool with the plant or should i toss the whole plant away.


Oil butter idk ? Hah


Well, you’d have to wait to harvest him to make oil or butter. Are there any trichs in the leaves yet?


No nothing yet


I know you’re looking for an excuse to keep him, but the risk is too high to your girls, so just kill him.


He’s a goner hah


Can i recycle the soil and transplant my Jacaranda Mimosifolio into the pot? It’s a bonsai tree


Sure, you can do that.


Week 10 update :gorilla::turkey::frog::turkey::gorilla:

So earlier in the week a hermie was found as some of you are already aware of. She or should I say he has been dealt with. Were down to 3 GG#4 and 2 BB, and lets not forget about Eduardo.

So the two GG on the left middle and left back are not level because they were my fun experiment plants. The middle left plant was me trying out the bend and secure method and it was working beautiful but one day she broke free and by the time i caught it she was very erect hah i tied her back down tho just not as much. The back left plant was me attempting a spiral body and it worked, well was definitely working but I ran out of time hah.

This is my second Bruce Banner Bravo, what I notice about her is she very very close together, her buds. She has a mean ass bruise on her main body from a supercrop that I went a little to hard on but she seems to be doing fine.

This is BB Alpha shes the one who suffers from the discolored lower body leafs and shes also kind of open like.

Below the scrog, BB Alpha and Bravo. Should I be foliating or trimming? If I am then what and how much?

From my best looking plant my GG Charlie.

Below the Scrog on Charlie, the other two are fully below the scrog so yea…again tho trim or anything?

Mistakes were definitely made but its my first grow so ill learn and yall have been the greatest ever in helping me so far.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Yea idk what happened its all crazy and wild hah Raustin lord plz help

The temps, you can see the lows and highs for temp and humidity.


I almost forgot to discuss Eduardo. As some of you may remember he was removed early from the tent cuz I realized I didnt have the room for him, well I literally ripped his roots clean off up to the green body just so i could hold it and take a pic, well I jokingly through him in my bonsai tree pot and well he survived by a window sill and then survived a transplant into a ceramic mason jar. I literally just want to harvest enough from him for one blunt and I will feel like a Green Thumb natural hahah I will be pretty happy tho I think it would be so cool.


If you’re already in flower, I’m thinking too late to Scrog. But I could be wrong


Hey @raustin can i still move colas around to help keep in even canopy? This morning I moved three colas under some scrog to help even out, I’m figuring by lunch they’ll be straight in the air again.


Sure, you can still move them, just be careful not to snap them.


Ok awesome. Second question, can i go and redo my scrog? I want to go to lowes and get some real scrog fence that i really like.


From the looks of your scrog now, I would say yes, you can go in an redo it, but do it now, don’t wait too long because those stems will harden up and get very difficult to move without breaking. Be very gentle.


Ok i def will.


Ok well it went not so good so I’m hoping the plants survive haha i hit them with a little Revive, the proper amount this time and i taped the one snapped branch. It’ll be a learning lesson for me.


Hey @raustin so for some reason my nutes are lowering my ph. There lowering it all the way to 5.5. This was the issue the other day and i think you may were tryna tell me this but i was confused i think.

Can I just go and get some PH up from petsmart and after i add nutes add the ph up? Itll take two days for general hydroponics to come in


Yes ph up…


Yes, you can use aquarium Ph up in a pinch, but get the good stuff from GH. Nutes will always lower your Ph, that’s why you have to Ph your nutes after you mix them.