First Grow Blueberry Ghost OG Auto


This is day 11. I got a late start doing my journal.

I started seed with a 24 hour soak. stuck seed in pot of fox farms strawberry fields. Seeds germinated and popped up after about 4 days. Started out with full spectrum t8 lights x 2 4 ft. Changed yesterday to t5 6500k bulbs. I swear I think I can tell a difference already.

Growing in a 2x4 vivosun tent. I’m not using the exhaust yet, just a small fan and the light. I have the door open to the tent and the room to keep the temps around 77 and humidity around 50%.

I’m not using nutes yet. Just 6.5 ph’d water.


Looks good man :+1: I’ll tag along if you don’t mind :face_with_monocle:


Yes sir, plant is looking great for 11 days old. It’s growing so well, I would think about topping it in a few days. Wait till it has 5-6 good healthy nodes then cut


Plant is looking great for 11 days old! I personally dont like to top plants unless absolutely necessary as I think a lot more can be achieved with lst without the stresses involved when topping plants. You can also increase your overall yield more by using lst over topping as you are not decreasing the potential size of the main cola as you do when topping. Topping definately has its place ie mainlining etc and a lot of growers on this forum seem to top everything and still have great results indoors and out. I just prefer to keep the stress to a minimum and use lst over topping wherever possible.


This is a description from the (other) seed company about the strain. Sorry Robert! I’ll order from ILGM soon!

Auto Blueberry Ghost OG | Original Sensible
Original Sensible Seeds flagship strain Blueberry Ghost OG is blended with OG Kush Auto to produce a fast and easy to grow version of this superior hybrid mariuana variety. These feminized autoflowering seeds produce short heavyset plants which give a quick turn around of dank tantalizing juicy fuity weed. In just 70 days from seed these babies are ripe and ready for harvest. Earthy, fruity berry weed with a slight acidic undertone will uplift you instantly delivering great waves of euphoric pleasure which then leads into a tranquil solace of relaxation.
Easy to grow and virtually maintenance free it´s time for the novice grower to share and experience what the fuss is about with our Blueberry Ghost OG. Resistant to most of what mother nature can throw at her and producing sensational results you´d be mad not to pop some Auto Blueberry Ghost OG from Original Sensible Seeds into your next grow.

Pictures from today will be up later.


Looking good


These are day 15. She’s growing great. Smells really good. I’m still just using ph’d water and no nutes. I may start next week.


Whoops!! Edit… Day 18, not 15.


Comin along great bro. Gettin vertical, bushy, and no yellow :face_with_monocle: great job :+1:


This is what I do for my day job!


It’s been a while since last post. She’s been vegging and now we are at mid-6 week. We got pistils!! I think just this morning. they are white and the plant is nice and bushy. I’ll try to get a picture up soon. I’m worried she may grow too tall for the tent. It’s a 5’ tall tent.

I’ll talk to y’all later.


Here’s my baby girl today! Those are pistils, right??

Thanks for the help!!



Since she is an auto, do I still need to change My light temp to bloom now?

Y’all are a great support group. I’ll change to bloom food now. I feed 50% recommended amount about every other week or so. I am growing in strawberry fields soil. She is midway through her 6th week. The main thing I am doing is trying to keep her dry but not let her wilt. Then I give her about .5 gallon of water. every other day or so. Kind of willy nilly.



@Countryboyjvd1971, @mountainman1,

I wanted to tag you guys in to take a look at this. Are those pistils in the closeup? Also any input re: auto going from veg to bloom would be greatly appreciated.



It is definitely starting to flower
I would start to wean her off veg nutes over the next two weeks and start introducing flower nutrients :+1:
Looking good @jsanders420


sorry @jsanders420. Been working flat out lately and not much spare time. Definately flowering now
as @Countryboyjvd1971 has said , time to introduce some flowering nutes . Plants are looking excellent , nice and green.


@Countryboyjvd1971, @mountainman1, @Redeyedranger I think these are pollen sacs. I guess I have a hermie. Will removing the sacs help anything?



I would give it a few more days and see what haopens but it looks like you mught be right that you have a hermi on your hands
But dint so anything drastic just yet l


Oh drastic isn’t something I do!! Lol. I’m letting her go full term no matter. Only 1 plant so no other pollination issues.


Picking the pollen sacs off will help limit the chances of pollination. But it wont eliminate the issue. A gentle misting with plain water will neutralise any viable pollen that has fallen on the plant. Any seeds that do form will also carry the hermie traits so I advise not to use any seeds you find in the buds.