First Grow! Blueberry auto

Hey gang, trying my first grow, I’m wanting it to be fun, but it’s stressing me out. Seems like so much can go wrong! This guy is two weeks in the pot. Look ok? She’s about 3" tall. I have 4 others that are smaller. They

are outdoors during the day and under CFL at night right now. Seems like maybe it’s a slow start?
When to start nutes? Now?


Welcome and nutrients usually won’t be needed usually to flower. Depends on soil and what not.

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thanks! Obviously I don’t know how to make a post yet either. : )

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Brand new soil like say FFOF and FFHF won’t usually need nutrients for 6 weeks.

Now say Coco…its a whole different ball game.

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Looks like some soil by the wood chips. That would drive me insane :joy:.

Pretty yound lady tho. They will pick up speed as they get roots settled.

How long are u running lights after bringing in? Plants need rest. 6 hours of dark n ull see a difference


My 3 blueberry autos at harvest were less than 24"
They are naturally a compact plant. Outside you can expect more height.

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But I thought autos could take 24 hour light because ya know… auto?
Am I wrong?

@scotty6364 welcome to the forum.100879945_940182643071429_5379158062466596864_n

The one on the table is a Blueberry i grew in a tent will be harvesting her tomorrow the other is a Blueberry i’m growing outside she is 4 weeks old


Yes. They truly can. But all living things need sleep my friend.

The magic question… light intensity. Ur using the sun. Literally the most intense light on the planet… well sort of… (@dbrn32 fact check me here) you want to reach a certain… DLI? Basically as much photosynthesis as the plants can process before it’s overkill. At that point, its basically dont give 12 hours of straight dark to keep out of flower.

U could being them in for 2-3 hours and make it is the jist. And rest helps (DB dont need ur facts here, we might not agree :joy:)


Tomaro!!! No no no… i believe ur wasting a ton of potential. Is there a reason to chop so soon?

That pic is a 4 or six weeks old.her tricones are turning amber @PurpNGold74

:+1:t5::+1:t5: U had me worried for a bit

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@PurpNGold74 sorry about that LOL

They can all be under 24 hours light. A photoperiod plant won’t flower under 24 hours light, obviously. But every other process the plant needs it can do without any dark period. That doesn’t neccesarily mean it makes sense to keep them on 24 hours light. The plants will only process so much energy. As purp mentioned daily light integral is typically metric followed for this. It’s basically a metric tracking average light intensity over length of time. And is leveraged by amount of co2 and water available.

You are probably fine without using cfl’s. If you weren’t, it’s unlikely the cfl is making much of a difference. Probably not enough to justify constantly moving a plant around and paying to run the cfl anyway.


If I were in your spot, I would leave the plants outside. The sun has a lot of energy, it contains all the light that plants require. The DLI will be reached for your plant under the sun. In addition, the variation in temp from night and day is great for resin and terpine production. I personally believe that outdoor should be outdoor and indoor should be indoor unless you move indoor outdoor and finish it outdoor lol :laughing: :wink: :grinning: hope I didnt confuse you there?


Wow, great info. Thx so much! I think I just moved them for the last time.



Solid advice. Thank you!
Gonna leave em outside!


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Of course you could grow indoor outdoor, ie greenhouse?

Ha!, I just dipped my toe I’m, here we go! Now I’m building a greenhouse already!

Just to clarify, the reason I wanted to supplement light at night is that my full sun is only about 8
hours/ day. I was worried that I needed more. Tree canopy is hurting me in my yard.

Gas lantern lighting I’ve learned helps recently if you’re in patio style like myself by testing it’s like a full moon at night always… As far as autos I just read some really great advice above I can’t say much but I’d grow autos like photos but I’ve never done autos :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree: