First Grow Blue Dream


Hello all, first time post and first grow. ILGM Blue Dream. A friend who is more experienced got the seeds going and I got 2 clones from him. 5x5 tent, 600w sun systems light in veg, bio buzz nutes in soil. Veg went well, flower has been scary but I think I’m doing ok. I’m about 3 weeks from harvest. Let me know what you think! Thanks!



Looking great. Very nice color. Harvest is going to be good. Good job on your first grow. If u need anything just ask. Good luck


Thank you!


Looks really good for your first grow, congrats!


Thank you! I had a freak out moment yesterday, ph meter went nuts 2 days ago, had to postpone feeding an extra day, and I’m not used to seeing yellow leaves! But I think I’m in the normal zone for 42 days into flower. I hope lol


Looking great. I’m growing blue dream for my next grow outdoors tho, great to see the colour in the buds, great grow


Yeah I hate when electronics start giving FHR’s for no reason but hey that’s what we do, right?


Yep part of the learning curve.


Harvested a bunch of BD recently. Both inside and out. By the time your’e ready, most fans will be gone. Just some little sugar leaves left on the buds. Clip them off for oil because they have a ton of trichomes. Just picking the fans off, I got lots of resin on my fingers. Rinse them with 70% isopropanol and collect the alcohol in a little bowl. When it dries you get some nice hash.


I’m freaking out because they are yellowing and the sugar leaves are getting yellow tips. 22 days to go, so I’m hoping this is part of the cycle.


I’ve had much worse looking leaves before harvest. You’re just about on autopilot. She’s using all her energy to provide you with delicious buds.


Look fantastic


Beautiful lady you have there. Awesome coloring. Blue Dream just got added to the cart!


Damn a bunch of weed. I love your blue dream in the purp!


Beautiful girls. Great job!


Thanks everyone! I’ve smoked the mother plants of these, probably one of the the best tasting smoothest stuff I’ve had. These are super sticky so I’m feeling like they should be good!


Nicely done, dude! That BD does make some pretty flowers…


It does make lots of small buds, instead of big ones. Most leaves are browned, dead, and fall off by the end. The buds suck the nutrients out of the leaves. That’s what you want: Lots of bud, few leaves.


You should enter bud of the month! Il vote for u !


Tell us a little about your setup if you don’t mind? What temps are you running? What kind of feeding schedule? Thanks