First Grow Black Jack, White Buffalo, Super Sour Diesel


Thinking about next fall, already. Might change things up again.


This black jack has just taken a beating. Looks like some new leaves are curling down almost like the edges of the leaves are curling under. Any ideas?


Any discoloration? You did just transplant several days ago, too, so you might see some drooping & stuff for a few more days.

If you end up noticing discoloration & reverse tacoing, but your pH is ok, you could have a deficiency/excess starting.


Yeah it’s like a reverse taco. Some lower leaves are also turning yellow. Maybe it’s time to up the nutes?


Are your ppms matching your nute schedule? If the yellowing is on the very bottom leaves, but your ppms are ok, then those bottom leaves yellowing/dying is actually fairly normal. If your ppms are off, there are weird rust/brown spots, or the leaves are getting crispy, then you might have a deficiency (N, K, or a micronutrient).

The reverse tacoing could be a few things, especially with all that’s happened to your plants. It could be normal new growth, since the reverse tacoing is happening to your new leaves. It could be over/underwatering. It could be your grow room’s humidity is off. It could be the stress of transplanting. Again: it could be normal, especially now that your plants are really taking off.

Check your ppms & pH before doing anything. Your plants look healthy & are still recovering from flushes/transplant.


Yeah it’s just in the one plant that had the extreme ph issue. I did have to move them back into the tent due to colder temps. They were falling down to 68 with the lights off. They have all received the same nute ppm and are up to 800ppm now and ph is good. So you’re probably right on the stress and previous issues


I decided to give them a break on the nutes tonight and just water them. The reverse taco stopped. A couple of troubling leaves maybe it’s from previous issue but not sure

This the Supra sour diesel

This is the white buffalo. She looks good with no issues

This is the black jack she is the one that had the ph problems the most. And probably the worst off.


If you can get your Ph problems under control you should see an improvement in those discolored leaves. Ph to 6.5 and all will be well.


Yup not too out of control. Try to nix that pH before too far into flower


They’re in coco now.


Ok, coco isa different Ph. My apologies, I didn’t read up far enough. You want your Ph to be at 5.8 in coco.


I go in with 5.8 ph and it comes out 6.3-6.4


Then go in lower around 5.3, that should get you to 6.0. 6.4 is way too high for coco.


Each time you put something in, you have to reference your last runoff, and adjust your new input accordingly.


Ok I will try going in lower next time. I was thinking that as long as I stayed below 6.5 I was good. But I guess the target is 5.9?


5.8 actually, and try to stay under 6.2.


Thanks @raustin. I’ll drop it down tonight when I get in.


I read that with coco the longer you let it dry out the higher the ph rises. Do you think that could be the cause?


Yes, that’s why it’s important to flush coco periodically. You have to get rid of all the built up salts. Have you flushed at all?


I water to run off every other day at 5.8. I have never had my pH come back at 5.8, it is always slightly higher 5.9-6.4. I also use an amended coco product that may contribute to that. Are you in pure coco? As @raustin notes, 6.4 is kinda high for coco and the plant is going to struggle to eat some of the nutes that are only available to it at lower pH’s.