First grow BIG DUMMY

!beware the dreded nat!
i battled with neem no use…peroxide i thought worked very well on the roots.i gave them all dips and replanted the serviving 2 out of 6in hydro must have been my 2nd mistake now i lost my amnesia! only sad one left is back in soil and looking like crap thats the last pic. i realy need to rethink this whole thing.i thought i had this with ease,lmao was i this dissabled jerk waves by to his meds but only till i can afford a couple seed and it try try time mabe i wont just lurk and post from the start and take any critasism or advice from the more knowledgable growers peace for now✌



Hey, which of the strains did you choose? what type of medium are you sing for your grow? Please provide few grow details so one could help make reasonable input.


Don’t desper… your problem is simple at this point… :wink:
Your overwatering like crazy… :wink:
Now your pH is out of wack… :wink:
Your all over the map… :wink:
No worries… :wink:
1/2 a gallon of water or nutrients every 3 to 5 days … your drowning your baby’s… :wink:
Then you get mildew and rot at the roots… :wink:
Plant will die… :wink:
Your squeezing your lil poor bunny rabbit to death… :wink:
Over loving… we all do it… stop it… :wink:

Your baby will grow… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


foxfarm bugs allways 6.0-6.5 temps 70-78. seedling 65 to 78.percent rh.veg.i try not to watter untill dry first two nutes till bout week 4 and then 1/3 strength every 3rd water i HAD HAPPY SKUNK, amnesia orig. og kush…auto bomb…ghost of absolem…lolcreigs list for that one .and a med seed that was in a friends bud.he didnt rem what he bought but it grew best but ended up male. i had him under glass for a week for safty my amnesia was preflowering then…all down hill…luved too much prob lol…amnesia was the best of all had trained and she was preflowering but alas she is gone💦.oh and run off ph 5.0-6.0 24/7 on the light. 250ACTUAL WATS CFL MIX OF BLUES AND REDS oh and im runing air into bottom of planter so not to get root rot.useles till be playing tapps for the last.girl this morning😱 next grow ill post step by step so i can get the advice.goin kraken grow next! sad sad day


i had a ptsd…a.d.d thought.if im opening grow door in a 2x3 grow a 100 times a day quick temp drops and rises cant be now thinking besides funges natts i killled my own girls thats the sadest.

someone give me a drive by bitch slap pleeeeez!

i even did some training20180228_135542|666x50020180227_171716-1-2-1

back when i started this endever

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gutted closet back to the one seed one plant idea all set now waiting on$ and its possibly another amnesia hope to be sprouting in another month if no med suprises to eat up my ssd lmao life sure is filled with twists and turns.happy thursday all.grow on!


Man! I feel for you, dude!

Listen; you must have figured out by now that no one here is going to criticize you (non constructively) about your grow. @peachfuzz knows his stuff and nailed it on the head. We love our plants and want to be intimately involved with them. This is really hard for a new grower and we have all done it. Best to just let them do their thing.

The fungus gnats is a huge red flag; this is only possible with over watering. The best thing you can do is change your watering practices. When the soil is saturated, O can’t get to the rootzone and rot sets in.

I haven’t played with hydro simply because of my growing technique but it has to be pretty close to dead on or they’ll die in a couple of days.

When you get ready to start again, start a journal and tag us in because we all want you to succeed. Don’t give up! @Kcdaniels had issues and he just harvested several ounces for the first time this week!


Your in good hands with @peachfuzz he has skills and so does @Myfriendis410 these two guys wont steer you wrong👍
Listen to there advice and youll be fine
Dont give up this can be one of the most rewarding hobbies :wink:
placing a layer of perilite on top of soil will help prevent them from laying more eggs or a layer of de on soil
And as mentioned change your watering practices to help prevent this


I agree with the others, you’ll get it dude.


We’ve all been there, but don’t give up. You can do this. :slight_smile:


I don’t have a drive by bitch slap emoji, but I send one from the heart!!

All of us here have the same goal : produce as much premium bud as possible and help others do the same so they can then help even more people.

If ever we criticized, know it’s out of love…


Hahaha they should have one tho @FloridaSon id would probably be one of my mist used hahahahaha


Yeah, I think I would see it many times in replies to my posts! :wink:


i think we share a similar mind set and out look after talking @FloridaSon so yeah mine too
Actually got told to go f myself yesterday on thread
Hahahaha cant make it up


In truth ive been told im brutality honest
And i do hold back on the forum at time so i sont offend anyone
It might be because im from NY and if you don’t speak up your not heard or because i was raised in a Italian house where nothing was ever held back lol


Wow! I’ve never gotten that response here!

My niece just married into an Italian family. Yeah, they don’t pull punches! Lol…my kind of people!

If I don’t speak my mind, how will you know where I’m coming from???


Yeah the member want to get thrown off i guess @FloridaSon was not called for you know me im respectful but what ever surprised me when i saw it thats for sure hahaha