First grow Big Bud autos, need help telling if they are ready for harvest

I have that one too, it’s good, but doesn’t take pics.


I have tried several of the phone mount units with my iphone 10 and cannot get em to work right
Before my next harvest I am gonna try and find a usb/iphone plug in one to take pics


Here’s what I use for pics lol

That is the lens out of a laser pointer/cat toy, held by an eyelet of wire rope I cut off my light fixture, and I tape it right over the lens of my phone camera. Works great:



Hey watever works
Love diy stuff


Lmao that’s too awesome! :joy:

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Lol, good idea!! I have one of those so I am gonna do that , thanks

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I have an autoflower that is 112 days old - it has a flowering period of around 56 days, and she’s been in flower now for 65:

I think I saw one white pistil yesterday. But here is what her trichomes look like right now:


Beautiful buds

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Looking absolutely stunning! Great looking buds

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I harvested them today, I trimmed one plant and will finish trimming the other three tomorrow, I think I got one once out of the smallest plant so I am hopeful that I will end up with over five ounces


The plants finished drying today and I ended up with six ounces from the four Big Bud Auto plants :grin:


All out of likes :grimacing: they look wonderful! How’s the smoke??

Its really good, still has to cure so it will only get better :grin:

Lol, I dont smoke anymore because I get paranoid but my buddy who helped me trim tried it and said it was good lol, I might try to smoke again but I need to make sure I am by myself in case I wig out lol


Lol o no! I had a friend over that did that before. He took our bong and took a full milk hit off it for a first hit after only “smoking” a few times before. Needless to say. Later that night he was under two blankets saying “I’m so cold, I’m so cold, I’m dying”…maybe next time when I say only take a little hit! :joy::joy: it’s always better with a friend around. A sober one at that. Small hits and remember…you are not dying! Lol

Nice haul, congrats on your harvest.

I just found two seeds when I was burping my big bud autos!!