First grow Big Bud autos, need help telling if they are ready for harvest


Leaves are starting to turn yellow, I started on flush 3 days ago and am watering them again today with just water, should I harvest them in a couple days


They are looking good
I like to check my trichomes to gauge my harvest time
It is just more accurate than guessing with the naked eye




They look fantastic!!



Yeah, I have know idea on how to do that lol



Its been right around 90 days , possibly less or more but only with in a couple days


The big plant has most of the dead yellow leaves, so I was thinking of harvesting her in 2 or 3 days and then hoping the others will show more yellow leaves at that time?? This is my first grow so I am honestly clueless on how to tell if they are ready or not so I am hoping someone can help me


It’s really hard to tell without pics of the trichs. I mean, it looks ready, but the trichs could tell a whole different story. Here is a cheap and effective scope to look at trichs. This is under $7.


My neighbor just complained about the smell coming from shed a couple days ago lol, I ordered a couple filters from Amazon but I want to harvest this crop before I install them because I am gonna redo the whole inside of the room before my next indoor grow. What do you guys think? Another week tops??


Another week tops, yes.


Sorry brother or sister
I use a jewlers loop or magnifier with an led light
Let me find the link to some affordable units


Oops looks like @raustin turned you on to a good one


I got this one at amazon and really like it


I have that same one. Impossible for photos, but great for checking.


I also use this but the carson is way better
I got shaky hands so it can be tough to hold it steady but it gives a close up of the triches


Hope this helps
I would get yourself a magnifier if possible if not I think 90% red hairs is what your after for a nice balanced effect


At least your neighbor was cool enough to let ya know and says alot about your personal character trying to accommodate them
Right on