First grow, Big Bud Autos... can anyone help me tell how much longer I have until harvest



Looks like you have some time left
How old are they from sprout?


Haven’t grown autos but from looks another 3 weeks.


I’d say 3-4+ more weeks.

I think I see some nanners in that one bud, though.


54 days old


Should I stop nutrients now


No, absolutely not. Keep feeding until it looks like you could harvest, then plain ph water for a week. The last couple weeks is when they really pack on the lbs. I use a bloom booster. GH koolbloom 4-48-34. Something like that. Use that the last couple weeks and your plants will explode in size


Do you guys think that I should start harvesting some of these buds?


Are you checking the trichomes? I still see white pistils, so no, she’s not ready yet.


I’m thinking they might have some fattening up to do, still?


U have major foxtailing going on. U need a scope to check the trichs. With that much foxtailing u will always have white pistils. They don’t look anywhere near ready though. I would guess u still have 3 weeks plus. If u harvest now u will get about 1/4 of the bud u would if u wait and it will have very low potency. Patience is key now.