First grow, Beginner Mixpack, lots to learn


You were right @MattyBear, they were ready to stretch out. First time I water, I’m planning on using Fox Farms Big Bloom at 1/2 strength.


It looks like they all survived their first topping, day 23. FIMed the first two, until I realized my fingers and eyes aren’t 40 anymore and used the snips. So we’ll see how those go in comparison to topping them. Used 1/2 strength Fox Farms Big Bloom & 1/2 strength CAL-MAG.


Looking good! Nice work :v::bear:


I agree really nice :+1:


Day 31,7 days after topping. The three I used the snips on look great, the three I used my mitts on look confused. It’s gonna be interesting seeing how my Gold Leaf comes out (see pic). I tried out LST on the White Widow and was amazed how quickly it affected it’s growing. So I tried it on one of the Blue Dreams today. Gotta stop doing that, I have a feeling it’s going to get really crowded in there in a couple of months. Here’s pics of Days 10,20, &30. Other than CAL-MAG, what other nutrients should I have on hand? Since this is my KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) grow, I’d like to keep it streamlined, but I know I’ll need something other than the FF trio. I’ve noticed the CO2 has gone up as the plants got bigger. They’re starting to smell good.


I like it :+1:


Thanks @GreenCoat, here’s the gang at 33 days. I’ve got a question, in growing autos, when do I change from a T5 light to my LED. I used my LED light for the whole seedling phase of my photos, but it might not be available for the autos

, so I’m wondering how long I can use a 2 foot 4 bulb 6400K tube unit (I hope that’s enough info).


Don’t let my name fool you Stag I’m on my first grow :fearful: All I the information I can give is from experience I have from my grow which i got from others in this forum. You wanna be asking people like @MattyBear @dbrn32 @garrigan65 then they can advise on other autoperts (experts on autos). I’m yet to seek them out when I grow autos.

But Generally speaking seedling stage is over once you see first 5 leaf. Then veg stage starts no matter the plant. Which means light change for optimal results


You can flower under t5’s, but you won’t get the weight you would under something with higher light output. You’d also want to switch to a warm white bulb after you see plants spitting pistils.


Thanks, @dbrn32, it’ll be a backup plan so it’s nice to know it’s doable. Gotta have a back up plan. I’m gonna order another California Lightworks LED light, the specs say the flower range is 3x6, and my tent is 5x5. I’ve got 7 plants so it’s going to be tight in there soon and I’ll need to cover everything I can. What can I say, I got greedy with the seeds.


End of week 5, day 34. Transplanted all 7 of them into 5 gal. fabric pots, used 4 gal. of water PHed to 6.4 with 1/2 dose of FF Big Bloom & Grow Big. Set the light at 18". I haven’t checked runoff yet. They’re recovering right now., but I’m expecting good things when I look at them tomorrow morning.


overzealous not weed not with greed :laughing:


That was what I needed. Just a guide to point me in the right direction. Thanks. This place is great:grin:!


Been a while, the ladies are in 5 gal fabric pots and I’m watering them with 1/2 Fox Farms nutrients and 1/2 CAL-MAG every other watering. They weren’t were able to dry completely sitting in the drain pans and I was worried about mold. I finally found some “plant elevators”. They’re plastic stands your fabric pots sit on so they completely drain. They’re made by Gro Pro, and they’re on Amazon, but for $12 apiece. I got mine for $2.50 apiece. Go to their site and do a search for their dealers. Everything seems to be going OK, I think I’ll put up the trellis soon.


Your doing a great job for your first time


great job @StaggerLee congrats and kiss helps all projects


Thanks, you guys. They get taken out tomorrow, watered without nutrients, except 1/2 dose of CAL-MAG, and I’m planning to do my first lollipopping then. Then add my second light and the trellis. We’re at the end of week 7, and looking at that picture, man, that’s a lotta leaves. I’ve done a lot of research on lollipopping, and as long as I Keep It Simple, and use common sense, I think I’ll be Ok.


The difference in the two days from the Day 43 picture and the Day 45 one is kinda dramatic, now that I look at them. :star_struck:


Wow thats a bad A set up for your first grow! Good luck and have fun


Did some Lolly Popping and put up my trellis. Although I’ve never been through this before, it looks to me like Bubble Gum is flowering. We had consecutive nights where the power went out about an hour before the lights were supposed to go out, but came back on in a couple of hours, so it was only a couple of hours that the 18/6 schedule was interrupted. I don’t know if that would do it or not. Or, I could have gotten and Auto by mistake. It’s the only one I’ve grown, so I don’t know. I think miss Bubble Gum and I are both confused. Here’s a couple of pics. :no_mouth: