First grow - Bag Seed - Supposedly a kush stavia

So this is the second try at this. Had 4 seeds germ and planted them in 6" pots but I drowned them all. Now I have 9 seeds that germed out of 80 or so. All bag seeds. Got a bunch of seedie weed a couple times and collected the seeds. Still have like 100 left over or more. Mostly trying to get this germination step down pat b4 I start buying seeds. Their supposedly a kush stavia, everytime I ask he can only remember uuuuhhhh it’s a stavia kush he says. So we will just have to grow an see what comes out.

So far only the one has popped it’s lil head out of the soil. The third pod down in the center row a lil sprout has popped her lil head out. Kinda hard to see right now. This is day 3 since planting into soil. Hopefully the other 8 will sprout also. I will try an keep taking pictures and updating this as I go. Depends if I remember or not. Lol.


Hey Zero,
Just a couple of suggestions if I may. First when you go to germinate. Use a paper towel in order to get them to crack. Once you do so use something like a pellet or cube you can get at any garden center, home depot etc. It will give you a little more uniformity. Plant the seeds down at most a quarter inch(tap root down). I usually go eighth inch down. You just want to keep whatever you are using mildly moist. Not too over wet, not too dry. You have to watch it closely. Doing this should prevent you from drowning them. Once you get them to pop above the surface transplant them into either a silo or 1 gal pot with whatever medium you are going to use. Avoid the store bought brands(Miracle Grow etc) as you want something with a lower PPM reading 300-500. I use Happy Frog Potting Soil which is not the greatest but much better than others.

Hope that helps and Good Luck to you.


Ya the seeds I have are at different. stages of maturity. I just grabbed a handful (really didnt feel like picking through them again) and soaked them then placed them in paper towel after they sank. I knew that there was only going to be a couple that actually germed. And I have access to probably another 1000 seeds or so all the same bag seed. My friend got some really seedy (but holy crap still bomb ass) weed and we’ve been collecting. And their in those lil seedling trays. 9 of 36 pods have seeds in them. Used the smaller pot cause i dont want to drown the seeds again. Thanks for the input tho.

One thing tho. How big should the final pot be? I keep getting different answers.

Here is a better pic of my first baby. Just popping out today. She’s grown at least a 1/4" since this morning. Yay.

And this is the soil that I have.

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Like holy crap its doubled in size in just 3 hours or so. I really hope the other 8 break ground soon here. I’ll be kinda dissapointed if I only get 1 out of 9. That would be a bummer.

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Ok so it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m cleaning my buster and wondering how my girls are doing and lowe and behold 2 more decided to join the party. You can just barely see them popping out.

This one here was the one that popped yesterday. Then this morning I peek in on them and 2 more popped their lil heads outta the dirt. So now that’s 5 outta 9 that have emerged.


@SativaStone @ktreez420 @4play @yoshi Ok so there are now 6 that popped in total. I went digging around in the other “pots” and the other 3 are pooched. Tap root stopped growing and l don’t think they will grow.

And this is what my grow box temp an humidity usually are. When I first started humidity was only 20%. But a tray of water in front of the heater helped out a lot.

So now I just need to know when I should transplant these seedlings and how big a pot I should use.
Just gonna be using cfl for now till I can afford to get one of those fancy led lights.
An yah stuff like that an what not.

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Hey Zero. 6 is a fine amount. Right now you just have what I call the tongues. It is what has pushed off the seed casings. Once they form the next set of leaves and they are from the tip to tip about an inch and a half I would transplant. About a week, week and a half. I would move them into 1 gal smart pots. Right at the beginning of late veg I move them into their final pots. Keep the light as low as possible to keep them from stretching. But watch the temp. Your around 90 degrees so you wanna bring in a fan if you aren’t already to get that down.

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Thanks bud. I have a ceramic heater hidden in the corner under my raised tray which I can turn down lots if needed. It also has just a fan setting that I can use. Just my basement is cold as it is the beginning of winter here in Alberta. Really don’t want them to freeze. And I know as I add more.lights I’m gonna have to turn down the heater. By the end it’ll prolly just be on the fan anyways.

And their just bag seed so i might have to kill half of them or more. Depends on how many males I get. Now I just really don’t know what nutrients to get.

Your welcome.What you may want to do is see what you are running at with it off. That way you could have a separate timer. When the lights are off and it gets cold you have the heater come on so that they don’t freeze during the dark cycle. With each new environment you grow in you have to dial them in to get the most optimal results. Right now in the sprout seedling stage you can run in the low to mid 80’s one you get into veg about 21-25 day you’ll want to lower the temp during light time to the low 70’s. Spritz your plants regularly throughout veg to try and keep the humidity up. You wanna be at around 50-55% at max during veg. Keep up the good work!


Ok so the heat is off and just the fan is going now.

First to pop

4th to pop

6th to pop

2nd to pop

5th to pop

3rd to pop

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I know their kinda jumbled around but I wanted to show the farthest along ones first. And the room has already dropped 5°C so far in 10 min or so.

Oh yah and box dimensions are:

I’ll prolly need to make a bigger box later on but this is good for now. I also have 3 stainless steel mirrors on the walls for reflection. Hense the 30"×30"size.

Hey Zero420, things are looking good so far and @SativaStone has A lot of great info for you, I’m not going to confuse you with more info as youre doing good. I started some of my seedlings out in those trays also…hated them , couldn’t get the watering right when they got into a week old, I started a new plant in soil in a larger 5 in. diameter pot and Holy cow what a difference! Keep your water PH"d , , watch the temp of room, get a fan on them(not directly)at first. A spray mister is a must, I did mine 3 times a day and see what happens. If you would like please check out my grows at “Upstate NY, indoor start, outdoor Auto grow” ," Upstate NYoutdoor Auto grow, things just got interesting " and “Holy crickies look at the Triches”
My last post was “My first ILGM (fem) out door grow pics” This was my first grow in years and it was only because of the Great members of this Community and the help and advice I received that helped me through it all. Good luck, I’m gonna watch this grow.!!


Ya I have been looking lots at your guys grow posts and some grow journals too on here. I really like how involved in this community that the members are. You guys have been tones of help so far, without even knowing it, in designing my box and figuring out lights and reflective materials. And repositioned my lights better cause one lil sprout was startin to lean one way, now their hanging above instead of along the sides. Gonna go buy 2 dangling cords and 5 more y-splitters so there can be 8 - 150 watt Cfls hanging down over them. Hopefully this works. Might even design my own cord so it’s only one plug in instead of 2. Actually I might just do that turn one of my super power cords into a new light. Prolly b cheaper too. Gonna get on designing one right away here once I get my twins ready for bed. My 2 lil hellions outta 4. Oh crap…no wonder I smoke. …lol…hahaha just kidding. I smoke cause prescription pills blow monkey ass nuts. And sleep is nice every now an then.

An here’s how the lights are now. An you can see one of my mirrors behind them too. Oh yah an my tap waters pH is 6 outta the tap. Has been everytime I have checked so far. And I keep my water supply in the box too so that I don’t shock them when watering (with too cold of water).

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Excellent, youre well on your way my friend, very cool set up indeed, sleep well…zzzzzz


Looks like you have some good mentors here Buddy. Hardest part is patience, when you feel bored and want them to grow faster so you think of something to do to them ALWAYS stop, DONT DO IT, go think about it, research it or ask someone on here and actually wait on the answer before doing anything, believe me someone else has done what your thinking and might save you a big problem. Once its done it cant be taken back and may transform your exciting lil beauty your proud of into a miserable lil sickly thing that makes you worry and freak out for a month lol Can you tell i have been there and done that lol.


Here we go with just the fan and lights going and with misting the booth, as I am now going to be calling my grow box, I’ve got the temp down and the humidity up some more. We’ll see what it says in the morning when I check on it.

Feel like this is a better place for my gage instead of the wall for now.

Thank you guys very much for the votes of confidence. @SativaStone @FyshhTrap @4play I was very impatient with the first batch I tried had them in bigger pots and watered the sh@t outta them and drowned them b4 they even had a chance to sprout. So this time I used smaller pots to start and am being extra careful this time. I look at them a lot everyday (helps with air flow :wink:). Wife thinks I’m crazy for always going am checking on them. But what else am I gonna do, can’t work, so I wander around the house watch the kids and when I get the chance then I sneak down stairs and peek in the booth and just stare. Maybe I am crazy. Strain at dirt for a month now waiting to see something. An now there are a bunch of these lil guys in the booth. :grinning:

It’s not weird that I’m happy about this is it? Oh well never mind nuff bout that.


My home made light fixture. There will be 8 - 150 watt Cfls in there when I can get more lights.

Got a new power bar also. Half plugs on timer half not. And 75° in the booth with 40ish% humidity now.

And these are my goggles for lookin at my girls cause holy crap is it bright in there now. Thanks for the reminder @4play. 8 Cfls in a lil room gets pretty bright and spotty after a while.