First Grow (auto's) - Suggestions and help please

Hello everyone,

First grow, working with Bubba Kush auto, Girl Scout Cookies auto and Chemdog auto.

Simple background:

  • 2x 5-gallon DWC bucket

  • General Hydroponic flora nutrients

  • some Cal-Mag, Hydrogurd and Sensizyme

  • LED 600 watt

  • Chemdog auto in bucket by itself

  • Bubba Kush/Girl Scout Cookie in one bucket

(I am well aware and have learned from this experience that it is not good to have two plants in one bucket - basically Bubba’s roots are !@#$ing Girl Scout Cookies’ roots and Bubba is hogging the lights)

So, since these are autos and therefore more susceptible to stress, should I trim a few leaves on the Bubba to allow GSC to get more light?

Pictures of roots and plants below.

Bubba Kush auto (on top of pic) / Girl Scout Cookies auto (on bottom of pic):

Chemdog auto:

The sizes are short due to some new learner errors in the beginning (such as, keeping the grow tent door open in the first few weeks in an attempt to control temperature).

Thank you for any help!


Well then. Trimming leaves causes stress. Autos are not supposed to be pruned and unless you want the plant to finish; Never shorten the photo period. All you can do is endure the grow as is, and Start off right next time.

Looks like you are doing alright overall. :slight_smile:


Can you pull it over a little and tye it out of the way instead of trimming leaves ?

Thanks latewood.

Paranorman - normally, in a photoperiod plant, I could pull it back a little. I’m hesitant now as these are autoflowers that are about to start the flower phase, therefore I want to be careful how much I stress the plant. I may do a gentle tie-back tomorrow after I see how the plants respond to today’s reservoir fill.


…don’t want to tell you the wrong thing and I’ve only done a couple of auto flowers but if it were me I would try to pull it to one side somehow, very gently though, maybe a little bit each day ?

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just wondering…I don’t have the experience with auto’s at all, but…knowing cannabis, 3 plants will flower at three different times…auto’s still have to transition to flower nutrients.
If three are in the same bucket sharing nutes but they are not all in the same stage, that transition will be slightly fouled up?

Paranorman - thank you for your consideration and a gentle pull to one side shouldn’t be too bad and I just might to allow GSC to come out a little more.

kabongster - you’re absolutely right and since this is my first time, I’m learning the different traits.

For example, the Chemdog auto didn’t grow to the current state until a week after the Bubba and GSC started to flourish. However, the GSC was stunted by Bubba’s roots taking over the reservoir. She’s coming back now, but definitely and noticeably stunted.

Yes, I agree, the various nutrient phases may be screwed up a little bit in my particular situation. I’m hoping that, because all of these auto-flowers note about 60 days from seed to harvest, they will be close. In this present case, I’m learning the mechanisms of the autoflower grow and have seen the differences in maturation, which is why I won’t mix buckets next time (I had to in this case due to my growing situation/space)

Thank you,


Update (end of week 5).

Bubba Kush Auto and Girl Scout Cookies Auto in top picture and Chemdog Auto in bottom picture.

Bloom lights only -

Full spectrum lights -

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I just bought Girl Scout cookies auto, so I’ll be watching your grow in excitement for my seeds to arrive! @ChaoticGood

Thank you ktreez.

Are you experienced grower or a new grower? Also, do you use HID or LED lighting?

I am using simple 5-gallon hydroponics with LED lighting and I did screw up Girl Scout Cookies a little in the early phase so I’m hoping I can get something out of her. Bubba Kush auto is kind of hogging space in my grow tent unfortunately (i’m trying not to tie them back a mess with them too much because they are auto-flowers and I don’t want to stress them at this point.

Right now, I’m battling with humidity issues. Highest has been 64% but I like to keep it under 55%. I may need to invest in a dehumidifier.

Remember to use half of the recommended nutrient doses for whichever product you use, autos don’t need or want full strength :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Yea I’m an experienced grower, and I use 5 gallon DWC myself @chaoticgood. Never tried an auto in DWC but I’m really looking forward to it. I feel like they’ll be monsters in hydro compared to soil.

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