First Grow: Autoflowers

Sry brother I have my golden retriever Marley and he’s 8yrs I know the day he goes I’ll be devastated my :heart: goes to u my friend :cry: @DragonBear

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Sorry to hear about ur buddy. RIP lil doggy.

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I don’t they look stupid at all. Quite attractive.

Sorry about your friend. Pets are good have and sad to let go.

They look like all females.

I’m sure they are lol

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I’m not seeing any signs of males. I see buds starting.

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Labs make great pets.

I agree :100: my golden is awesome so smart well behaved never barks or tries to bite ever


He looked at me like really I woke him for a pic lol :rofl:


So you made your net?

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Yes seems tobwork well too. Made another with a lil stand also with 3/4" pvc pipe and string


You’ll have to let us know about the viparspectra one I was actually going to show you and tag you init asked you liked your vipar and looks close to hlg youve got now :+1:

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@Bongtoker, I know this is an off day. But that really confused me lol It was the viparspectra 450s I really liked. They just did great for me. Th 600 had better coverage. But the 450s were my favorites. I didn’t like the 300s at all other for just a starter light. They didn’t last long before I found them a new home.

Haha sorry about that :joy: yeah I remember you saying so did you get that viparspectra you put in the link or is tjag your mates? I was thinking to get it toothats all and just wondered what it was like, how much did you pay for you qb

Made some cannabutter and edibles yesterday with the Mango Kush.


Right on they look delicioso :drooling_face:

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My how things have grown in such a short time.

These were in a little box as an experiment. Now that the whole room is on a 12/12 light cycle, They’ve joined the others.

LSD auto. Last plant that still has a miracle grow base. This one did the best out of all of my first round plants.

9 Pound Hammer Auto in better soil. Tremendous difference from the first one I grew.
This plant a few weeks ago, I bent the top and completely broke the top. Only one side of the outer stem was still attached. I almost threw her away then. Instead, I put some honey on it and tied it all back in place and together with pipe cleaners. In 5 days, she had a strong heal and strength back. I’m amazed that she’s grown so much so evenly since.

These 2 were seeds from shake. I suspect they may be the same strain. They had different training methods but the colors and shapes stayed identical all the way through.

This is another shake seed that was started on the patio. It is growing in 3’s. Pretty neat to me.

The poor torture victim. She’s been FIM’ed multiple times, stripped and trimmed a few times. Stems all over have been bent and broken many times.

Another bag seed. I think this one was topped in a few places.

FastBuds Rhino Ryder Auto.
My first trusted genetic seed in decent soil. Excited to see what she does compared to my previous.

Barney’s Farms Glue Gelato Auto
Unfortunately only 1 of the 3 seeds in the pack popped. Luckily my stoned self thought ahead and ordered 2 packs. :cloud:

This is my little area. I’ve been very happy watching it fill with green. I’m starting to prefer photos to autos, but I need to finish a whole cycle of the photos first.
I was terrified of trimming and cutting the plants at first.