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So figured it would be fun documenting my first grow journey. More like a 1.5 grow. I was doing some autos outside, family giving me crap daily for having them out there….wasn’t worth family drama so scrapped it. They were cool with indoors….so here we go. I’ve done lots and lots of research, definitely going to be a learning experience. I’ve met some awesome people while reading up. Mrflogrown420 on YouTube has given me tons of advice. If you havnt seen him check him out.

The setup:

Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5

AC infinity T6 6” fan and carbon filter.

Spider Farmer SE7000 upgraded led

2x AC Infinity Cloudray oscillating clip fans

2 Honeywell oscillating tower fans.

Eva dry edv1100 dehumidifier, Honeywell cool moisture humidifier hooked up to an inkbird humidity controller

Got a Shinto 12000btu portable ac to keep the room the tent is in cool if needed

Waiting on 1 seed to come in the mail and my or meter them should be germinating them next week.

Excited. Can’t wait


Wait for the pictures to fully upload before hitting reply.


Haha yea I figured that out, edited them in. Thankyou

Starting 9 plants. Maybe a bit much, but I’m a nooby so figure I will screw at least a couple up….

Ilgm blueberry—gotta represent the site I’m posting on

Ethos Planet of the Grapes

Crockett Family Farms Strawnana

Mephisto Forum Stomper

Mephisto Sour Stomper

Mephisto Skywaker OG

Mephisto Mango Smile

Mephisto Samsquanch OG

Mephisto Double Grape


Using Roots Organics Original Soil. Will only be using 1 nutrient because I’ve seen it work so well. GH Maxibloom.

Going to use regular tap water, filtered with a boogie blue plus filter

I’ll try to update every week!!

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Looking good… happy growing keep us posted :bat: :rofl:

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Looking great! Nice setup. Good luck on your journey. :popcorn::popcorn: set to watch.

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Nice. Watching.

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I am curious as why only MaxiBloom? It’s 5-15-14 formula is intended to satisfy nutrient requirements of flowering plants. Will you also use it during vegetative stage?
I took a quick look at one of MrFlows vids.

Autoflower Grow Journal Day 59! Maxibloom only, Blue Microverse F4 starts her flush.

Interesting. I don’t grow autos so the method may work with them.
There are a lot of good auto growers around here.
Good luck.

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Yes sir going to use maxibloom from start to finish. The results I have seen have been amazing and simple. I don’t know the science behind it. I’m a noob. I’ve just seen the results in several grows with it and am going to try it out

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Nitrogen is the largest nute needed during veg to give your plant the ability to grow…pretty low N value in bloom nutes because nitrogen isnt needed as much during bloom and even less during ripening. My calmag has an N value of 4… I wont argue with you about it but id put money on that you are gonna either have nitrogen deficiencies through veg and/or a smallish plant. The amount of nitrogen used in the stretch is gonna leave you short.


I hear ya. I have maxigro as well which is 10-5-14. Was thinking of starting with it but I’m pretty set with following the method I watched exactly. If I don’t like it, there’s always the next grow.

This tent was maxigrow only on day 69. I would be happy with half of that on my first try lol


Oh and this method does not follow the recommendation on the bag.

Each plant gets a full teaspoon every 2 days in a gallon of water by day 22 for the rest of its life

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Be interesting to see, you should know that results cant be duplicated that way. Even if you had the same strain in that picture, same lights wouldnt make it come out the same way. Ill also add that you will learn more from failure then you do from success so Im in support of your effort. Take good notes, ok?

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Interesting, Following, happy gardening

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:point_up_2: I would use this in veg :love_you_gesture:

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My 2 cents - and it may not even be worth that…
I got the impression from the video that the key to the method is to use a lot of extra water / nutrient feed to produce larger volumes of runoff than would normally be done or needed. In essence what the grower is doing is flushing out the excess unused nutrients, like most of the P&K during veg, and replenishing the medium with more to be washed out next time. Repeat & repeat. The plant takes what it needs and leaves the rest. As long as the nutrient has enough of what it needs along with the necessary micronutrients, no reason it shouldn’t work.
Dealing with runoff is a total PIA. I know I top feed coco but it is worth it to me.
p.s the key is to use a light, good draining medium with coco and perlite i.e roots organic original. Coco loco would be another choice.

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Nice setup and welcome to the forum. I have the exact same AC, lol! It really works, just make sure to use the vent tube to push that hot air out of the tent. It’s a beefy unit and draws a lot of amps when it starts up, so consider a separate 15-20 amp circuit. My light isn’t as strong as yours, but with all my fans and stuff running full blast in the tent, I was maxing out a 30 amp, so I ran a separate 15 amp for only the A/C unit.

Good luck on the grow, looks like you’re off to a great start!

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Got the last of my seeds. Off to the races. Crockett Family Farms hooked me up with so many extras. Wish I had a bigger tent. But my slots were already taken for this run.


Off to the races!

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