First Grow, Autoflower

Let’s see if this works.
Should I do it with the big one too? Just to support it.

Or should I repot this one? Could be root bound already?

I don’t like those jiffy pots.

I would pot up, make sure you are not overwatering, and bury the stem an extra 1/2” to give it some support.


I would do what @AAA said

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What bulb are they under

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Still the same as stated above.120W GC 4, Greenception Cluster LED

I think @AAA had some pretty good advice

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I used a CFl 100 watt 3 inches above the top of dome for first couple weeks

The thing is I want to make my own LEDs using a DIY setup like @dbrn32 made.
But I cant wait this long… The parts take way to long to deliver… 6 weeks for the bridgelux BXEB-L0280Z-30E1000-C-B3 strips for example.
I have to buy another LED for the meantime and I think I’ll go with these: not sure tho. I know these are trash but a friend of mine used it and the result wasn’t too bad. Still looking for a setup not that expensive but powerful enough for my 2 plants… If you know a better one pls tell me.

Edit: And at the moment you only can buy 400 BXEB-L0280Z-30E1000-C-B3-ND strips at a time which is hilarious.

Hmm that’s a long delivery time

Although they are produced and delivered within germany…
Meanwhile I think about buying some HPS and MH lamps.
Would this be a better solution? Or is the power consumption so high it will be even more expensive running these than buying LEDs?

I had mh/hps it was to hot to keep cool

How much watts did you have?

450 watt

But I have a grow closet and just could not figure a way without running ac duct across my bathroom my wife was mad and now I switched and have concealed you could walk in my bathroom and never know it was there

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I am 20 so there is no wife for me to worry about ^^ How could I fight the heat? Woulnd’t this work:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=MH+lamp+cool+tube&qid=1557946009&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spell ?

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If you can get a quality LED light, I would go that route.

MH and HPS put out a lot heat which basically means they are not as efficient.

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That’s the exact type I had it got hot

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It worked good in winter