First Grow, Autoflower

Pottet one plant yesterday. Looking good so far. Still thinking if I already should have put it in the final pot.
What do you guys think?

Looks good how old is it

I would wait to see how they grow before getting rid of anything. No reason to make that decision now. They could both flower early and you would have plenty of room in there.

This proved to be a nice little build for a tent that size.

You could probably do a little bigger light with 560mm strips, but pretty much same process.

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This one is 3 days old.

It will take a little bit for roots to get growing idk how long until you should repot it

Thx dude!
Ok one more question :sweat_smile:
When should I start feeding the plants?
I have a shedule from biobizz but do not know if I can use it for autoflowering plants.

Wait for more experience grower answer

I’m assuming your biobizz organic mix has a nutrient charge of some sort, so you probably won’t have to feed for a little while. Is there a chart on the back of the bag that shows ingredients or npk ratio?

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U prolly will be able to im just starting to flower now and it’s been 7 weeks

Yes it does have one.
ph: 6,2 ; EC: 1,2 ; Salt: 1,170g/L
N: 1536mg/L
P: 150mg/L
K: 220mg/L
Fe: 0,0329%
Mn: 0,0069%
Zn: 0,000677%
B: 0,00021%
Cu: 0,00069%
Mo: 0,000249%
Co: 0,0000164%
Se: 0,0000776%
84,4% organic substance
32,7% dry substance
It also says that it should sustain a plant for its first 2-4 weeks.

Edit: I found this post Help with NPK ratio? so my soil should be fine right?!

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I would expect a few weeks like the bag suggests

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How can I tell if the time has come? Do I have to wait for the first signs of deficiencie or is there another way?

Once they start to get mature you can water to runoff and check ppm.

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This one looking nice so far. I’m in love already! ^^
But I am concerned about this one… First it grew like the older one but now it’s like this:

Looks like it’s trying get to the light?

This also was my first thought but I tried it and even when the LED was like 10cm away from it it still won’t get up again ;(
And the first leaves were hanging down like this since day 1 like you can see in my first post above…

One of mine wanted to lay over I propped it up for a few days and it helped

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Good idea I do this now!

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I’m not sure tho I am new grower

@MattyBear @dbrn32 @AAA any thoughts on yhis