First Grow, Autoflower

Yes I will. But thanks for your help!

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@garrigan62 is your best resource for organics and soil grows.


You can also follow @Skydiver thread. He and @AAA are organics guys:


I built led light plants love them was very easy and cheaper

I spent maybe 320 1 hr to put together

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LED’s from horticulturallightinggroup?

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And Samsung strips from Arrow electronics

@Cyle1 is in a 3x4 space.

So my tent it would be even cheaper because I don’t need that much power? The thing is this grow is a budget project so I don’t want to spend much money. Not trying to do the best grow the world has ever seen. What do you think I should use in my tent?

I saw above you had a 5x5? What space are you looking to light?

Yep from hlg

My tent is 60x60x120 cm and I want to grow two Autos in it.

Definitely listen to these guys on lights and DIY will keep you on a budget

Missed the CM part. You could get by with a single 288V2 board.

  • QB288v2 (3000K) w/ heatsink. $89 (HLG)
  • Meanwell HLG120H-54A $42 (Jameco)
  • power cord, wire and connectors ~$10 (Jameco)
  • Misc screws bolts (ace hardware)
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2 autos in a space that large is going to be a stretch. Each plant needs 60x60cm.

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Where are you located? Sourcing from the US may not be the best option.

Western Europe.

@dbrn32 any ideas for western EU? HLG-UK-Europe only sells kits and they are out of stock on the QB135 kit.


Digikey uk?

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Digikey even is in my county! What should I buy from them for 60x60cm tent? And should I drop one of my seedlings and grow just one Auto?