First grow( autoflower sour diesel)

Hey so my plant are now flowering but I was wondering if they’re a good size and will my bud fatten up? 2 of them are in a 5 gallon smart pot while the other one is i believe in a 3 gallon pot. First Pic is the 8 week 4 day old plant
Second pic is the 7 week 3 day old plant
Third pic is also 7 week 3 day old plant


Plants look good they will stretch and probably double in size and yes your buds will fatten up.

Both my SD auto’s are small sized but are filling in nicely. Just when you are ready to give up the grow in a spurt.

Same plant on July 21.

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20 days ago I transplanted this runt. Actually laid her flat with a clod of dirt thought I killed her.

3 weeks later I am amazed by her resiliance still only a foot tall but a real trooper.

How old is the one in the first pic

Both broke ground on 6/5. They did not like their “organic” soil very well at all and really responded well after transplanting in Happy Frog soil.