First grow auto NL, second in sprout!

Hello everyone!

I just created an account finally and wanted to introduce myself and stop creeping on threads without adding comments! Lol I’m a bit late to the game but I am 6 weeks and 5 days into my first grow. To be honest my tent isn’t fully set up yet (missing some kind of inline fan, exhaust equipment, oscillating fan ) so to compensate humidity and heat issues I do keep my tent cracked open with a small fan and it works well for now. (thank God for autos) I planted the seed directly into FFOF and a did not start adding any nutrients until like 4 weeks later and she gave me no issues. It was just ph’d spring water. The nutrients I have is the fox farm trio and right now since she’s in bloom I am cutting out big bloom for a couple of weeks. I’m currently doing 1 tbl of big bloom and 2 tsp of tiger bloom. Later I’ll do about two weeks of this where it will include a teaspoon of grow big in the mix. I recently got the exhale co2 bag (lots of mixed feelings about this stuff I know I know) and added it in there to help and the plant seems to be doing fine. I have a couple of leaves on top with what I believe is some light burn but the rest of the plant looks great in my opinion. I also just planted a second NL auto and she just sprouted yesterday. On this new baby I am going to use advanced nutrients products. Sensi grow is what I have for now with that brand of nutrients. Besides getting Sensi bloom later, I was considering getting voodoo juice, b52, overdrive, maybe big bud or bud blood (still figuring it out lol) I have time to purchase additional items as I don’t plan on adding nutrients till maybe about the second or third week. I want to do a comparison between fox farm and advanced nutrients. I measured her a couple of days ago and she was at 34 inches. Feed schedule is feed water feed water.

Anyway I don’t want to write a dissertation which I sort of already have :joy: but I just want to say I’m happy to have joined what seems to be a wonderful community of nice fellow growers. Looking forward to an everlasting friendship with you guys! :slight_smile:

This is a closeup from Nov8

171108first baby NLThumb

This is what my tent set up is so far. Pic from Nov6


Newborn lol sprouted yesterday nov10



Good to meet you @monstre

Nice to meet you as well! :slight_smile: @TDubWilly

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Welcome @monstre Since you already admitted you’ve been lurking around I know that you are already aware of all of the wonderful growers we have here :wink:. Your grow looks great Looking forward to following along :green_heart: :seedling:

@FreakyDeekie I don’t even stalk on social media and I’ve been doing it on these forums for a bit :joy::joy: I’ve seen some other forums and people are so rude and just flat out terrible. Haven’t seen that on here! Thanks for the warm welcome!


@FreakyDeekie I spied a little more and see you’re a woman growing as well Yay!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the forum @monstre thanks for sharing your grow, and your grow looks great so far. Keep up the great work.

@Covertgrower thank you very much!

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Welcome to the ILGM Forums @monstre Looks like the creepin’ has been working out for ya, but glad you decided to hang out. We try to have fun and grow good weed. You look like you might fit. hahaha Any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


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Welcome to the forum @monstre. Glad you decided to join the party. I’m sure you have seen from looking around that many of us make it work on a budget with success and I have no doubt you will too. If you have any problems there are many knowledgable people who will jump in.


welcome to ilgm forun @monstre!

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Glad you decided to join in. If you need any help just tag me in a post like this @Rugar89


Hi, Welcome to a great place. No question is stupid, no jerks allowed just some great growers sharing knowledge and experience with like minded people. If someone doesn’t have the answer we happily tag someone we think can help. I was a great potted plant killer but got thru some wild stuff with my family here harvesting 14 oz first time.


Nice job brother, looking good. And no worries now you can have all the stalkers stalking you now😎

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@bob31 @AnneBonny @BIGE @Rugar89 @Laurap @Irish32 thanks everyone for the warm welcome!! I took this pic of the plant this morning. So far so good I think! Just some discoloring in the tips :slight_smile: 20171112_060529


the brown tips could be burn or it could be the genetics. If you want to double check everything I can give you a support ticket to fill out? @monstre

I’m gonna suspect genetics, as you are under feeding her.

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Looks like slight nute burn. If your using Grow Big you might want to back off on how much your giving her just a little.

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Have you checked your PH/PPM runoff?

Actually, you should follow the FF Feeding chart @monstre

foxfarm feeding scheules

From the first week of bloom thru the 5th week of bloom you need 3 tsp of Big Bloom and two tsp each of Grow Big and Tiger Bloom per gallon.

@bob31 @Rugar89 I am following that chart now for the blooming phase but I read it can be too much. maybe I should do a water water feed schedule instead or just do half the dose? I’ve measured all my ph spring water before watering so no issues there but I also read later on that this soil has ph issues? I haven’t had any issues with the plant until this little tip discoloration. Thanks for helping me out. Definitely a noob lol