First grow auto fem blueberry

This is my first grow in 20 years and I am excited. I bought some femonized autoflowering Blueberry seeds. My setup is in a closet with 3 LED lights:
One is 300W
One is a strip that is 81W,
One is a strip that is 54W.

I used a 5 gallon bucked with a mix of perilite and soil at about 60-40 to 70-30 of perilite to soil.

Temp varies between 70-80. It mostly stays between 70-73, but I have had times where it went up to 80
Humidity about 40%
pH is between 5.5-7

It’s not pretty but until I can get the time to make it a littler nicer, this will do.

I am at about two weeks in, I think I have to fix the nutrients, but the plant seems to be doing alright

The perilite has some nutrients but I bought some from ILGM to help out.

I will post more as the time goes on.

I have been reading a bunch and I think I found out my problem, nutrient burn. The perilite has some nutrients and I fed it a little nitrogen. I am pretty sure I burned it. I will just switch to plain pH’d water to flush around the roots. Hopefully it will not kill the plant and I just loose out on some buds. I would rather have some than none. Since it is my first auto/fem plant I don’t feel to bad about the progress.

burn is not so bad on the younger leaves. She should be okay. lots of growth going on. each leaf has two smaller growth of leaves next to it.

Update: definitely burned the bottom leaves but the rest is looking good. I tested the soil and NPK. Just water for a while

Latest pic, looks like there has been a good amount of growth.Each node has some sprouts coming off. This is just over 3 weeks

I made a very LED newbie mistake. THey can burn your plant. I did not have this problem with fluorescents. My 300W LED started to burn my leaves. Looked just like nutrient burn, but it was not on all the leaves. It was only on the leaves that were exposed to the LED at certain points of growth. I raised the LED. This should fix the problem.

I super upgraded my grow room. I bought a Vivosun 4’x4’x5’ tent. It is ventilated and charcoal filtered. It is pretty awesome.

Here is the plant


very bushy, curious as to cutting the lower leaves on the next grow:


Hey @indoornewb welcome to Ilgm congrats on your new setup,and I wish you good luck


yea!! that blueberry is looking good!


Hello there bud and welcome girl looking good
I don’t know if it’s just the light but looks like your lower leaves are yellowing might be a sign of trouble

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Hey, yeah you are absolutely right. The bottom most leaves, the two big ones are doing ok, but the second pair of leaves that sprouted have gotten a little yellow, and on is split. I am not sure if it is nutrient deficiency, or some other reason. I have looked through all the grow guides and my best guess is that it’s a nutrient problem. I just bought some of the nutrients from this site, but feel free to offer advice. I’ll post a better pic of the problem area later today.

Are you feeding them yet?
I haven’t you any notes from ILGM so can’t help you with them but I’m sure if you follow the instructions that came with them you’ll be fine :+1:
What type of soil did you use ?

I fed them some nitrogen. It’s called Natures Care, I think a Miracle Gro product that is organic. The info on the bottle only mentions Nitrogen. The soil is a mix of organic potting soil and perilite. The perilite has nutrients already in it. I balance the ph of the water I use to be between 5.5-7

In soil you should keep ph between 6.3 and 6.8
And you might want to check ppm of run off your soil maybe a little to hot for the young one
But I would check and get your ph level balanced first get run off in the range of 6.3 and 6.8
And don’t overwater her she is young and doesn’t need to much only water when needed soil dry :+1:
Hope this helps


Thanks, really appreciate it.

Like the LED strips. Thinking of getting some for my next grow. Nice setup @indoornewb looking forward to some updates from you!


Thanks @kalico! In case you are interested: the strips are Galaxyhydro one is 81W the other 54W had to order two different wattages, the box is VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED. If I did it over again I’d buy a bigger box and two 81W strips. For a cheap grow box, I used a planter from HomeDepot, that has a water reservoir, then wrapped it with foam board. It’s about 22"x30", basically the foam board perfectly wrapped around the planter box. I wrapped it in mylar after the fact so it’s messy. After this grow is done I am going to clean it up. I will staple or tape the mylar on the foam board, and produce a better top. I’ll also add a ventilation pipe and not just fans, as I have now. I have been learning a lot from this first grow.