First Grow at Day 45 of I was told autoflower GG, seems too early?


Did they start to flower around week 4ish? That’s about right. Based on the pistils, you still have a few weeks left. Still an early harvest I’m guessing but not unheard of.


plants in soil 2/15, photo is 2/24

Thanks for reply, I think they started to flower at 3 weeks

Thanks, the yellowing or perhaps dieing of the plants so soon was worrying me.

Ok, cool. So you are a little ahead of schedule! Lucky you! I hate the wait lol

Yeah…I did see that and it was concerning to me too. I haven’t gotten to the final stage yet but I think loss of leafs is normal at that age…a pro might be able to give us more insight though.

Did you do anything different to them the last week or so?

Me too, anxious, first grow

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May have overwatered once, but it seems this was all present before that.

Yeah, overwatering won’t do that…hmm let’s see if a pro responds. Like I said though, every time I see a pic of the final days of the plant, the leaves are dying. That could be due to flushing though…

I’ve been using a Mars TS 3000 LED light, not much heat but is there such a thing as to much light causing a burn? Well will see what happens,

Yeah, that’s possible as well. Are you following the manual for the height based on age for your lights? Mine recommends 18" above canopy on flowering.

Could be windburn. Where are your fans positioned?

Could be many things…

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Ya gotta tag one, @Nicky likes autos maybe he’ll have a idea.

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They arnt there yet that’s for sure, way to many white pistils.
Can you take a couple current photos with your grow lights off and your flash on? That would go along way

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Nope, just hung it as high as the system would let me so as not to fry the initial sprouts and never changed the system.

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Thank you Nicky for your reply even with lights off and flash it’s difficult to capture what’s happening.