First grow are my buds dying

So I think I had a serious problem. It seems if my plants are dying. Earlier this week I found a little powdery Mildew one of my plant. The first thing I did was panic and looked online for the best resolution I could find for my particular set up.
I came across pm wash from npk. I followed the directions and used how I was suppose to. I did now feed my plant for 3-4 days because my logic was I didn’t want the buds to be too soaked and on top of that I added a extra fan to the 2 I already had in my 10 x 10 with my 9 plants.
I have a 4 intake fan and a 6 in exhaust fan. My humidity in my room was about 45-50 because I’m on the day 35 in flower.
I’m running a recirculating hydro set up and using raw nutrients (bloom). My ppm are 850-900. I feed them this morning and again tonight.
My question is are my plants dying? Thirsty? Nute burnt? Wind burnt? Or dry from Low rh. Also should I just cut them don’t and start fresh? The strain is 4kingz and they’ve been kicking my but the whole grow.

These two pictures are a week apart. Buds feel crunchy/ dry. But tri’s look to be still intact

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They look fine


I also think your plant looks fine. She’s just showing some age. Based on the top photo I’d start checking the trichomes. She is close to finishing.

It’s normal for the plant to continue to look rough until harvest. That’s what I expect to see before harvest. I like calling it their fall colors.

This is a purple Haze just before harvest.

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Thanks. Just to make sure it wasn’t a problem in my root area I’ve been running hydro guard just incase. I’ve been checking trichomes still some clear ones. I’m on day 39 so I have about 17-24 days left

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