First grow! Any tips would be appreciated

Just posting pics, seen some stuff that I’m not sure about and hoping to get some help along the way. I noticed some white fur today at the base of leafs and stem. Humidity has always been around 40% so doubt it’s mold.

So far I think she’s doing well


Don’t think it’s mold just watch out for over watering and check your soil and water pH every day or time you feed or water and let your water sit and mix well before you test it. Best of luck!

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What soil you growing in

Hey there ur plant looks good ,i have a few things that will help you the first thing is ur humidity is to low you want ur humidity around 60-70% and secondly dont micro manage your grow cause you will make mistakes all of us have been there and done it at one time or another make sure u have a good ph and ppm pen dont over water ur plant before u water lift ur pot to see if it feels light if it feels light then water dont over do it with bottled nutrients use half of what they recommend on the bottle or even use less then half of what they recommend make sure u have plenty of airflow in ur tent. Most important thing i can tell is take a deep breath and relax cause when u stress out u will make mistakes


Welcome to the community overall the plant looks good. I see a little white at the tip of a couple leaves. Have you been spraying the plant with something ?

Ocean forest

Thank you! I definitely over watered yesterday and that’s when I noticed the small white stuff. I haven’t sprayed anything on them, also btw. I appreciate the tips, I’ve been good at not really micro managing but yesterday after watering it all looked fallen over from too much and then got worried a little. Went to lights out after that and she perked back up.

Welcome to the community, @Tezza2 he’s got you covered good luck happy growing. Patience is your friend. Just make sure she dries up a bit before next watering.

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@crowlehh she looks good this is my preference I put something under my fabric pot to keep the right amount of air around the pot and do like what was mentioned water then let sit and the easiest way is when you water the pot when it’s dry lift the pot feel how heavy it is and after a couple days lift it again and get the feel for it and when it feels real light water again happy growing :v:


Welcome to the neighborhood. It’s a great place to take your grow to the next level. Lots of good people giving valuable information. Happy Growing :blush::v:


I like it, thank you!

Here are mine at about that same stage of growth under a 400w MH bulb in a 2x4x4 ft. grow box. I started them from super lemon haze seeds under cfl lights and then once they were up, I put them under a “burple” led light (philizon 1200w) on veg lighting then finally put them under the MH bulb. I was afraid of burning them under that MH at first.

in this pic they are about 3 weeks old from the time they 1st sprouted in roots organic soil. Some were a little pale like yours but the lighting may make them look that way. For mine, when they went a bit pale, I gave them some 5-1-1 fish emulsion (for the quick nitrogen fix) at 1\2 teaspoon per quart and only used it for one watering… it greened them up in about 3 days on an 18 & 6 hour light cycle.

I have since repotted 4 of them into 3 gallon black cloth bags like yours. I will take these 4 plants to harvest - and save the other 4 for stock plants for clones and the next generation of buds. 2 plants will be under a 600w HPS bulb and the other 2 will be under “burples”…I may need new, less burple lights here…

So you can see that I am with you on this and am glad to see your post. Best of luck since I am basically in he same boat, so to speak ,

the 4 smaller plants were started from seeds 1 week later than the other 4. 8 of my 10 seeds sprouted and popped up above the soil to take root. The other 2 germinated but did not pop up for one reason or another. Thats a mouthful! and thanks again

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P.S. - when I overwatered in past grows, I then went to a moisture meter that you can get at about any hardware store for about 10 dollars or less. It cured the issue - I got mine at Lowes. It is a soil probe and easy to use

Thanks for all the tips, yours deff look a little happier haha. You’re right tho when the lights off they are much darker. I have a 600w led in a 2x2 so it’s bright bright. I only have worm castings and bat guano at the moment, a buddy that’s done it a long time has had really good success with natural organic nutrients so I was gonna do this girl with only those, then start 2 next go and use the fox farm trio I bought. If I run into troubles doing organic I have the fox farm there for backup. This girl came above the dirt on December 19th so she’s not that old. I’m not sure how people keep tabs on age. I germinated December 8th planted it the 17th and 2 days later was a inch out.

This droopiness keeps coming and going, really weird. I thought I over watered her but maybe she’s thirsty?

Me again-,
That 1200w Philizon I have 4 plants under only pulls 300 watts from the socket. It gives me a 415 PPFD (PAR) value on a light meter when its 1ft. above the canopy. So in theory thats about the usable amount of light that hits the canopy leaves. I use it for a 2x2ft area and eventually 1 plant.

Again, in theory, for what I can gather from the internet- a PAR value of 400 to 600 should work for veging. For flowering I will want 700- 900 PAR if I can get it. I do that now under a 600w metal halide (HID) light. But:

If I only get 400 PAR from full blast on the Philizon then I will want a more powerful light for flowering I think. Like a HLG 260 or a Spiderfarmer 1000 - for that 2x2ft. area. Dang!, one thing seems to lead to another and these LED lights are a lesson in marketing and illusion from some makers just based in discrepancy from light intensity claimed vs. actual reality… I seem to be learning but the lessons dont come free.

jus’ sayin’,

Best regards,
the plot thickens and now I want another led light (or 2)