First grow. Any comments?

I’m using a viparspectra 1200w led. Anybody ever use this light with results?


These look much better in the white light. Yeah. Good stuff.

You are going to really struggle to flower 5 plants with that light.

Any suggestions for adding light below $200?

If you have hear under control then I would get a 315 or 630w cmh. Great light. Amazon has all kinds of of knock off quantum boards. Just do a little research before you decide on one

If I were going to buy a light for $200 I’d get a Horticulture Lighting Group 135W QB V2 Rspec LED. It won’t flower 5 plants for you though.

I was thinking mh or hps too, but he’d have to build cooling for it in that tent, wouldn’t he?

I meant a cheaper one to add to the 1200w led. I think the led I have pulls around 550 actual watts.

I haven’t really looked into hps much. the led looked a lot simpler but have read they don’t produce as dense of buds.

No, I run a 315w in a 20"x36 tent and heat doesn’t get above 80. As long as they have a good exhaust fan they should be good to go

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I have to use a heater in the room its in now to keep it around 75-80

The quantum board lights will get you the dense buds you are looking for. It’s just the red/blue LEDs that get you the airy buds

Then I would suggest getting either hps or cmh