First grow.any advice would be appreciated

What strain:Fast buds gorilla glue auto

Method: organic soil with dr earth nutrients

Vessels: 5 gallon fabric pot

PH of Water: 6.5-6.8


Light system:mars hydro ts1000

Temps: Day 79°Night 70°

Humidity: Day 45% Night 45%

Ventilation system: 6 inch ac infinity

This is day 42.ive had a few issues during this grow.The leaves are starting to get pretty this normal at this stage?


So I see you have been adding nutrients have you also been adding calmag for calcium and magnesium?

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I have used roots organic calmag a few times.i used very little though.the dr earth nutrients have a lot of calcium so I didnt want to overdue it

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OK I’m not familiar with those nutrients I use fox farms , but what about the percentage of magnesium?

Those are the deficiencys most common. @Covertgrower is much better at diagnosis.

The dr earth was something new I found.i wanted to stick with all actually not sure how much magnesium it has.i did put a bigger light in a few weeks ago which really hurt the plant.i took it out after noticing really bad heat stress.i wont do that again but would that cause yellowing?

Yellowing is typically caused by low nitrogen.
You also have some nutrient burn in there as well.

So what would you recommend I do?I did topdress a couple days ago so the soil has nutrients

What is the NPK ratio of your nutrients?

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Thanks for the save covert nutrients are not my strong suit.


Veg is 4-6-3 and bloom is 3-9-4.i use two tablespoons per gallon of soil in 5 gallon pots

How much and how often are you feeding?
I assume you’re feeding flower nutrients. My best suggestion is to take reading of PPM going in, and checking the run off.
This will give you the most information and best how to proceed.

Yes I’m feeding flower nutrients now.two tablespoons per gallon of soil every three weeks.i will check the ppms.i haven’t yet.i am planning on starting a new grow soon to try and there a different line of organic nutrients you would recommend?

I’ve seen roots organics grow very well. Can’t say how much it is, I haven’t purchased any.
I would recommend feeding every time you water. That will really help.