First grow any advice appreciated

Those will work, but you’ll need a driver to go with, as those are LED panels only.
What sized space are you trying to cover?

I’m Following. Very interesting considering we started the same exact day!!!

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2x2x4 budget is around 150 for light…The tent just arrived so more pics coming soon after i get everything set up!!

Not completely finished, but this is what’s done so far. Slowly but surely coming along. I am unsure as to where i should place this thing at the current moment. But for now due to a lack of space this will have to do. Light is hanging about 19 inches. Is this a decent height or should i go lower? On box it states no closer than 30 cm or 12 inches

Those lights would cover that space.

tried to attach pics,but site wouldn’t allow me

It’s been an ongoing issue.

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I understand the budget issues I will eventually move to a hlg too, but I had to stay in the same budget so I went with this. Not on the same level as the lights you were shown but workable and a start. I am in a 2x4.


How’s the grow going @Breezy
Since we’ve planted the same exact day I’m always interested in your journal. Hope all is well!

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i would love to show you but it won’t let me upload photos. i’ve been trying for 3 days now @Budsbud1

They’re definitely growing… working on the 4th node on the healthier girl. the twisty is really starting to take off but in a “twisted” fashion. (i really messed her up with the MG) i hope she can grow out of it. as soon as i’m able to upload i will and i’ll make sure to tag ya! How about your girls are they doing good? Hope all is well for you too!

Everything has been going pretty good. Had a couple leaves looking like there’s something going on but other than that she’s been growing great. The other two seedlings which I planted a couple weeks later are kicking arse


Looks good minus a few leaves, but remember you’ll lose a few as you get towards the end.

That’s awesome! I feel like i stunted their growth. They seem a lot smaller than yours. honestly been thinking about starting over as i have acquired some gluecifer seeds the other day. They were from some smoke i had gotten super sticky.

Don’t start over​:grimacing::grimacing: my pots could be smaller than yours and just look that way. I feel like mine are taking forever to grow but I’m just at tad bit too anxious lol. Let it grow at whatever rate it grows. When it’s time for nutes I’m sure it’ll blast off

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i would love to show updated pictures, but the site still doesn’t allow me

Had to start another journal to be able to upload pics. i’ve attached the link if anyone cares to check em out

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I can see one small root showing out of the bottom of the pot on the healthier plant. the pots are self watering so the bottom of the pot is slotted. should i transplant today before they go all the way through the slits in the bottom of pot and get tangled in between?

This is cool to watch. I’m going to tag along to this journal also!

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i mainly update on the other one as this thread doesn’t allow me to post photos