First grow any advice appreciated

Wow, your probably working with fresh quality seeds? I have no experience and only 1 seed from a random bag years ago. I guess thats why mine took 8 days to rise. Thanks for the response, I’ll be following your grow for sure. Lot of knowledgeable folks on this site

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my seeds were bag seeds from some smoke i got

well shit then, guess I just got a “special” seed :roll_eyes:

i’m a newbie as well this is my first attempt before i spend a lot of money

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Theres a forum “show us your DIY or hillbilly home grow box” I posted pictures of what I created with stuff I had in the garage and a few days on my hands. That and an unknown seed is how I’m rollin

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Beware of amazon lights! While some are good, the actual wattage used by the lights (and not the fans inside) are much less than advertised. I got a small light as part of my tent kit, But after spending some time on this form, I knew it wouldn’t be enough. Then I upgraded to a $150 amazon light, and wile it stated it was 1000w, it was only pulling 240w from the wall and I would be lucky if it used 1/2 of that on the actual light.

Everyone on here directed me to the HLG 260w XL which is built for a 2x4. It isn’t cheap compared to the amazon lights ($375), but seems well worth it so far. I even bought another on eBay for $220 to replace my amazon lights.

It shows sold out right now, but I’ve seen that other sites have them in stock.

HLG 260w XL

Good luck with the new grow. Feel free to follow along with my grow below. This is my first grow and I just am entering the flowering stage.

Jonny Utah Grow Journal OG and mystery sativa

Jonny Utah

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That light looks amazing but a little out of my price range. the mars hydro is more realistic budget wise for me

i guess the main question is which of the two lights would be better? i’m leaning towards the mars hydro

The hlg will blow it out of the water, there really is no comparison. Not to mention it’s more efficient.


after reading others threads and hearing from you guys i understand hlg has best light set ups, but they are out of my budget right now. out of the giixer and the mars hydro which would be better? After covid 19 slows down and financially i’m better off i will purchase a hlg set up.

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What about 2 of these?

Also wanted to post an update on how they are doing since i transplanted them about a week ago… I must say compared to how they were doing before, I think they are doing :100: times better. I did buy the giixer blurple off amazon until i can afford one from HLG… I did find something that looks in my price range, but as usual I want to run it by the experts first. I figured i could use the blurple for veg and get another light for flower. I was looking at these, but they seem very cheap. Thought maybe 2 of them would do the trick. Opinions?

Yes either of those would work.

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This site just doesn’t want to work on my phone. I didn’t mean to upload the same photos twice. What tripped me out about the HLG lights i found is that they are 75 bucks each… seems pretty low for that brand from what i’ve been seeing from others… How do you guys think the girls are looking? I also want to thank everyone who has commented and given me advice. It means the :earth_americas: to me!

I think that the site is having some issues right now. @dbrn32 is trying to get the right people to get it straightened out


Those will work, but you’ll need a driver to go with, as those are LED panels only.
What sized space are you trying to cover?

I’m Following. Very interesting considering we started the same exact day!!!

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2x2x4 budget is around 150 for light…The tent just arrived so more pics coming soon after i get everything set up!!

Not completely finished, but this is what’s done so far. Slowly but surely coming along. I am unsure as to where i should place this thing at the current moment. But for now due to a lack of space this will have to do. Light is hanging about 19 inches. Is this a decent height or should i go lower? On box it states no closer than 30 cm or 12 inches

Those lights would cover that space.

tried to attach pics,but site wouldn’t allow me