First grow and need help

I have 2 plants that I think I’ve just over watered but they are looking sad and droopy now I just also got a new LED that came with a thermometer and hygrometor which is showing bad temps and humidity. Any suggestions to help out with be great thank you. !

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They do tend to go limp a little if over watered. they will bounce back in a day or so. They are weeds and want to grow and are pretty resilient. The heat and humidity don’t look terrible to me, I would open up a vent in the side of the tent maybe.

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Thank you very much I’ll do that and see how she changes over the next few days.

My last grow, my temps were high also, 79 ish and got down to 37% humidity. Seemed to get better humidity when I watered. My grow turn out amazing got nearly 5 oz in first grow in my little 2x2x4 tent. if humidity dont correct you can get small humidifiers. if you do open a flap to see if the temps go down,be sure to shut for the dark period

Are you growing in soil or coco? Growing organically in soil the need for watering is less. You want to adopt a watering practice where you thoroughly water to the point of having about 20% runoff with a nutrient solution with a ph around 6. After watering monitor the moisture content of the soil and water again only after the soil dries out to the point of low moisture reading . This reduces the chance of overwatering and Fungus gnat development. Keeping the top of the soil dry is key to reducing gnat development. Coco requires regular watering because the plant has to get its food from the water solution you give it. Little to no nutes in coco. Have you downloaded the ILGM grow bible yet? If not it’s a good source for beginners

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How often are you watering? Your plants look really healthy other than a bit of drooping.

A small, inexpensive humidifier will take care of that humidity problem. Humidity should be ~60% at this point, though 40ish% isn’t awful so long as it doesn’t last days and days. I run humidifiers in my tents.

80 degrees isn’t all bad. My temps sometimes run around 80 degrees during the day when the lights are on and I don’t worry about it too much. A continuous 85+ will be trouble, and mid-70’s is probably best. I have a fan blowing fresh air into the tent through one of my tent’s ports. It helps manage CO2, temps, and humidity.

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Happy Birthday!

It’s in a box in a dark room this is my first grow I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing but I’m trying that’s for sure. The guides on here help a lot that’s for sure. And pics of that grow? 5 oz sounds like a lot nice job man


Happy birthday and thanks for the help! I’m growing in soil but I haven’t done any run-off testing or ph testing if I’m being honest though I know I need to. Thank you for the watering tips I’ll keep that in mind and I’ll check out the grow bible.

I normally have been watering every other day depending on how dry the soil is, I’ll grab a humidifier next time I’m at the store just to be safe. Thank you for the help!


Depending how much you are giving them at a time that may be too often.
And what soil? Pic of bag?
Cannabis needs a wet to dry cycle to thrive and grow fully. :+1:
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If you can afford it, get a digital hygrometer. Reason I say this is because the one you have may or may not be accurate.

How I know is because I’ve been involved in the Cigar World since April 1997. A digital one is really accurate.

Two I do t go over 45% RH. I never worry. If they can grow in the wild successfully, then don’t sweat the small stuff.

Once your light is on + a fan the tent for
circulation will help dry it out faster.

Welcome to the community.

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Your temperatures look good. I get up to 85°F during the day. Your humidity is okay, I like it a little higher for veg above 50%. Wouldn’t sweat it though. It’ll still grow.
When you switch to flowering, you’ll want the humidity as low as you can get it. Welcome to ILGM.


Nice looking plants if not already l would be thinking about bigger size pots. Good luck .


I’m with @Covertgrower my temps get up around 80’s lights on. If you want to add some humidity to your grow area wet a small towel, ring it out and hang it in the area. I have one in a 2x2 tent and if I’m not careful I can get the humidity over 80%.

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How old are your girls? What size pots are you in? They look like plastic pots so keep an eye for continual droopiness. She might be telling you it’s time for a bigger pot. Go with fabric, can’t beat them

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They are 6 weeks not sure on pot size just came from Walmart and said plant pots I have a bigger pot I plan on transplanting once I know what one of either is a female.

I’m using magic dirt super soil mix and yesterday the drooping got much worse im going to post another pic @Oldguy @SeaSeaside_guy1 @Bubblehead is there anything I can do to save them? They look like they are dying to me. I also have found gnat larvae in my soil I’ll be treating that when the soils drys out.

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Looks like it’s just a waiting game for the soil to dry out. They’ll be wilty until the roots can get oxygenated again.
For future reference, pictures in normal lighting are much easier to understand what the plant is telling us.