First grow and need help with Nutrients

Okay so this is my first ever grow I’m currently using terra professional soil with worm castings and standard distilled water.
My plants are growing nicely at the minute we are nearing a week the seedlings are a nice green colour and the height is getting nice there about 5-7 inches tall at the minute. They are grown indoors and also when would be the best time to transplant them as it’s been nearly a week now so just abit unsure when to do this???

My question is when I transplant them to a 3 1/2 gallon pot I’m going to be using terra professional soil again with worm castings seaweed meal and vermiculite consisting of 1/3 soil 1/3 vermiculite and a 1/3 seaweed meal and will be using big bud nutrients will I need to use anything else.
Thanks in advance :blush:

If they are in solo cups I wait till the leaves are over the edge then I transplant. You should not need nutrients for a bit with the soil you are describing. And just in my personal opinion I would add some perlite in there to help with drainage and air to the roots.

Also don’t let them get to tall on you (stretch) they may not be able to support themselves. You can avoid that by lowering your light.

Hi okay cheers for the information this is the soil I use will I still need perlite aswell thanks

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Sounds good I dont use their soil but I use canna terra nutes.

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better if you use 5 gallon container

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Can you post a picture of the seedlings?

You might wanna keep the same question in just one post. Reduces confusion and keeps things in one spot.
You should start your own first grow journal so things are documented and all in one place

And again they don’t really list the details other than the main ingredients in their soil so don’t know what else is in there that the plants need to thrive.
Many premade soil mixes show details as to what they contain like NPK and so on such as bone meal or bat guano or dolomite and such


Sorry for the shit quality photos but these are my seedlings
The light is phlizon led 1200w it’s currently about 5 inches away from the seedlings now

Yes, keep everything on one thread and that will be your grow journal

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