First grow and my zkittles are struggling?

Alright guys, this first grow has been testing and tested to the limit with my countless problems etc along the route so far. My Pineapple Express have withstood all and are now beginning to thrive after changing from cfl’s to HID but my Zkittles are still struggling? Even though after a flush 3 weeks ago has got the ph running perfectly. Growing in soil and started the flowering nutes 5 days ago. I’m suspecting it’s been a bit of a shock going from a lower heat to a higher one but the leaves were the same from the flush? As you can see in the pics they are curving up slightly but the lights are on the lowest setting & bulb adequately far enough away to stop any damage but I’m stumped even though I’ve been reading through what I can find online and hoped some of you talented bunch can help these 2 girls to make a comeback! Thanks

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@KeystoneCops sorry forgot to tag you in post :blush:

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Those look like some pretty small fabric pots you are using. What size?

They’re in 5 gallon pots @MrPeat? If you Redbox through my posts you’ll see these girls haven’t had a great time for my first grow & im pretty sure a couple (one of each type weirdly enough) have been stunted a bit during the process! It’s the lightness of the leaves & lack of flowers at this stage.

Your first droopy plant looks like it needs water?

Your last picture the plants getting to hot so it’s reaching up to slap the light away, or that’s how I remember it at least.

What’s your temperatures high and low?
Your ensuring that you water to soak, should feel heavy, then let dry to no mosture felt by your finger when you stick it in, also plant should be light.

Also what are your tds numbers since your flushed and are feeding?
What’s going out and what’s going in will help us all know how hungry they are.

You need intense light and good nutrition to build buds