FIRST GROW! And mistakes 🥳

Hello​:wave: loving community,I am Autopotato this grow began 13-APR-2021 i germinated 3xSOD autos from ILGM 4 days prior intended from the start to be in top-feed DWC setups plans backfired unfortunately so I said heyyyyy il just put them outside :partying_face: well rash decisions lead me to buying MG but I also bought some jiffy seedling mix got home popped 3 seeds with half inch if not longer taps in individual solo cups filled with just jiffy mix lightly watered them then outside they went the weather was amazing for about 2 days then lzncmclsuevr tndkshebrkfof, So I said I’M DONE brought the girls in on 15-APR-2021 at this point only one seedling had broke the surface and dropped its leftover seed husk completely but the other 2 were right behind her, now I set up some panda grow film in about a 4x4x8 space hung a Mars hydro ts3000 450W LED turned up WAY TOO HIGH 🥲24’’ from the seedlings well #1 the farthest along took probably about 300W like a freak of nature never skipped a beat​:dizzy_face::upside_down_face::muscle:t2: #2 went sideways but still decent growth #3 went sideways as well but she is super runty to start and I stunted her very very bad she is so behind it’s sad now a very quick retake I did TRANSPLANT right before the light stress issue (the newbie mistakes just keep going 🥲) into 1gal fabric pots filled with happy frog soil where they will stay,between the next 5 days from 15-APR-21 and 20-APR-21#1 growing phat indica leaves and just showing her strength #2 slow start but picking up growth speed #3 standing straight up but growth is so slow I can hardly see second node starting I have been watering with bottled water that I researched to be neutral because my tap has Chlorine I am still waiting on my PH meter 20-APR-2021 I planted a super skunk auto for 420 fun that I had germinating just for today 1gal fabric pot in happy frog amended with3tbl spoons 3-9-5 bloom from dr earth along side 1tbl spoon 4-4-4 all purpose HAPPY GROWING :innocent::clinking_glasses:🥸!