First grow, and learning a lot!

Team - thanks all for a great forum. I have seldom seen a group that is so supportive and friendly.
That said, first grow and I’ve run into some problems.
Got an AC Infinity complete 2x4 tent (size limited in my apt) - and got a couple of clones locally and transplanted into Roots Organics in 3 gal fabric pots. All went fine for a few weeks, then I had problems that may have been due to nutes lockout with too high PH water. I now only water with 6.0 - 6.5 water (verified by drops), but still have some problems that look like nutes. Any help appreciated! I’d like to get some good buds from these, but willing to start over from scratch if needed.


Welcome. Are you doing Autos? If you refer to liquid drops for testing for Ph, might as well use a Ouija board. Get a good Ph meter!. That soil is buffered to 6.5 so just put 6.5 in and you should have no Ph issues.

No, these are photos, not autos. Horchata and Sherb Cream. I bought a cheap($12) PH meter, but I’m not happy with it. Can you suggest a better one?

Entry level quality unit is the Apera Ph20 (get thier kit)


Depending on how long you veg them the 3 gal may get a bit busy. I do 7gal photos in my 2x4 tent.

Agreed. I have since switched to some 5 gal buckets for a couple of autos I germinated from ILGM amnesia haze seeds.

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What’s your watering and feeding routine? Agree with @Audiofreak on a PH pen and assuming you’re not checking the run off PPMs or PH. These 2 will let you know what the medium holds for nutrients and when to feed or water, not feeding or watering to a good run off will create salt accumulation in the root zone from fertilizer if you’re using any :love_you_gesture:


I may have missed it. What nutrients are you using? @Audiofreak and @OGIncognito have you covered. I can vouch for the Apera ph20. It’s dependable and accurate. I use mine almost every day.
You should also have a TDS meter. Before upgrading to the Bluelab Conductivity Pen, I used this HoneForest pen. It worked fine. Just a little slower than Bluelab


Thanks everyone!
I have been watering once per day, since I am using fabric pots and they seem to dry out fast. Since I transplanted these clones into Roots Organics soil with about 3 weeks of nutes already in the soil, I only started using other nutes recently, about 1 TBS of Gonzo Farms sprinkled on top of the soil. Didn’t want to burn them!
Just calibrated my cheap $12 PH pen and checked my water, and it was at 6.8. Ordered the Apera PH20 anyway, it can’t hurt to double check.
What should I look for in terms of PPM in my runoff?

I start feeding when runoff TDS reaches 800/1000 ppm. Then keep around 1000 in every other week (4 days or so) in a feed, water,feed schedule.


Guys - thanks for your help - I got an Apera PH20 , and it’s a great instrument - now keeping my water at about 6.3 PH and checking my runoff which is about 1100-1200 PPM, so I’l wait to feed again for a few days.
But it seems like the big problem has been fungus gnats - I’ve seen them from the start with these (store bought) clones, but didn’t realize just how bad they were!
So now the girls are looking a little happier. They are photos, so I’ll start them on 12/12 in about a month and see what kind of buds I can get from them.

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Sticky traps and mosquito bits work great for fungus gnats :love_you_gesture:

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Welcome to the forum

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Good to have you my friend. Yeah everyone here is jam up great people.