First grow and journal Mulegal here

No issues, yes: up by Vandenberg. My grow is technically indoor but they spend most sunny days outside for part of their day.

The JH was in veg for 2 months and scrog’ed. I’ll tag you over to my journal. Grown in coco.

Thanks @Myfriendis410. I’d like to read it. Yes outdoor days and indoors nights is what I’m planning for this AHA until later. I’ve got a sheltered but sunny nook for when she gets a bit bigger. Waiting on my lamp delivery and making due with a reg bulb. She came up much faster than I expected and caught me standing on one leg, so to speak.

Temps in the 70’s all week ahead! We need to build some snowpack, but I am loving this sunny spring tease .


Feb 4, three

days since breaking soil

Not sure if I’m oK here. Anxious momma maybe. The soil, Jiffy seed starting medium seems pretty soaked. It was damp when I planted sprout and have given her a couple of spritzes ow water and keep the dome in place over night and under lamp.

It has been bizarrley warm here, and I’ve taken her out to sheltered spot in the morning. She actually leans toward the sun. I rotated her a few times just cause. After noon it started getting really warm and bright and I brought her in. Soil seems really moist. Thinking of drilling more holes? The cup bottom has been removed.

So my questions are is the sun OK for this baby? And if soil’s too moist, what are the options. Or if she looks OK, then I’m just a nervous newbie.

Thanks everyone.


Sun is the best you could ever give her @mulegal! No worries. Full spectrum light!


Cool, thanks. That’ll also help dry the soil some.


She looks nice and green and very healthy. So far, good job, no need to worry. :grin:

Probably partial shade would be better right now IMO. Can you direct a fan onto the seedlings and leave it running? You really want to go from damp to dry as frequently as possible, within reason.


Thank you @raustin. I was worried that her leaves were too accordian -ed, and not fanned out yet. But I guess she is only 3 days old. Jeesh, I need to chill out…hahahaha I just don’t know what is normal growth timeline. Glad I’m keeping this journal…it’ll help me next go round


Actually I just drug out the fan @Myfriendis410. Thanks

Yes the direct sun seemed a bit much as the day wore on. OK, I’ll continue to take her out, as these 70+ degrees are here for the week, but I’ll be sure it’s filtered sunlight.

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@Myfriendis410 Thanks for suggesting partial sun. I wasn’t thinking of their age, and the edibles kicked in on that response… sorry @mulegal

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No worries @Covertgrower, I appreciate the input.

@mulegal You make them feel like a natural women. Aretha I am not! Lookin’ awfully cute there. :woman_farmer:t4:

I could swear I heard Aretha…

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I’m doing the same thing haha! Today:

@Covertgrower it’s all good brother! You cover my a$$ too lol.


How old are those sun worshippers @myfriends410. They are real plants compared to mine


@Myfriendis410 ^^^^
@mulegal your plants will be there before you know! Growth happens rapidly!


That was 2 weeks since they were planted.

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They look healthy and happy for sure @Myfriendis410

Hahahaha…Ya that ole patience thing @Covertgrower


No worries. I just started flowering, and I want COLA’S NOW… lol. @mulegal

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