First Grow and food

My first grow will be 3 Amnesia Autos by seedsman. Knowing my personality, I really want to do this right, but with a regular photoperiod, I know I would rush it due to excitement. For that reason, I chose to go with an auto. With the huge world this is, I’ve done a ton of research, and concluded there’s not way for me to make truly informed decisions with the hundreds of different routes to go of how to grow. Ultimately, I chose to imitate a repeatable method from a grower that I follow. My grow medium is Coco Loco, Earth Dust 3-1-2, and CalMag. I plan on being a little light with the earth dust so I can test the tpm early on and make sure it’s not too much nutrients for the young plant. Primarily, I understand that with organic slow release fertilizer, if plants show signs of a lack of food, the slow release will not act fast enough. I understand that teas are a good solution, but what are other good solutions for a quick turn around. I do plan on adding organic worm casts with the limited feedings there will be. after being about $1K into equipment, idk if I’m about to invest into everything for making teas. Also, I would just love any other feedback on what I’ve went over so far about my first grow.

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Welcome …lol funny as i am new as well lol…but i quickly came to the decision to use jacks 321 based on numerous recommendations…idk if that helps but best of luck on your grow!!

@yoshi has a method under $100 (for the nutes only i believe) that supposedly yields great…thinkin bout trying it next grow tbh

Hey! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into those nutes. I’m primarily looking for various methods to give fast nutes in an organic set up like this besides teas.

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Over time networking with many different type of cultivators from around the globe :earth_americas:. You start to adapt the simple methods from those types of techniques you get exposed to right. Think about it, once you grow and harvest a plant :leaves: a couple times, you feel confident and you’re methods become more polished, your plants looks better :+1: each time, and you think :thinking:, Huh? " Now I was nervous :disappointed_relieved: for what, it’s seems easy, and you get a chance to go to a few cannabis convientions, and networking and knowingly what you do exactly, you see another guys work, ask a question and he responds and answer every question you was having in your last grow base off your results you witnessed, seeing his and gearing what he do is almost exactly the same way you do it, except he do the very thing you won’t or did not do your last grow cause you was in doubt and now seeing his results from what you thought to do but was scared to do, it’s mind blowing and instantly, it makes you want to push your next grow harder. I’ve been that guy so many times over the last 6 years , right when you think you have seen the best of the best, and here comes this guy, look like some guy who don’t have many friends in life, say hey guys, why not just do this, ah yeah im a quadruple major in biochemistry , science , extractions and agriculture and marine science, and he show you what he used with watch this , way much smaller cheaper setups and only give basic nutrients in percentages and his yield triple yours and the other guy you thought was even better than yours. This is this kind of recipe gentlemen :tophat:, until you used it in a side by side grow comparison to what you spending now for and compare cost and yoeld dry weight numbers, and the quality of the bud is astronomically a big difference in size, smell, taste, frost, it’s almost unbelievable, like the high end nutrients is watered down or something.
But 3 different growers, used 3 brand names of nutrients in the exact same facility of a super government approve farm house and the lil young soy bean farmer son beat all 3 of the name brands nutrients by double each time and this all he used, and once you used it and see the difference, I just know this simple less than $100 in cost, will grow buds as big as any nutrient regiment in the cannabis market under exact same grow setup.
Now please don’t believe what I say, Until you can actually prove it that I can be wrong. I’m curious too, so who up for a side by side grow tell all ?

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I think i might try this in a side by side to my jacks next grow…im definitely all about simplicity yet maximum results

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I may buy jacks as well to prove my point, but I think the quality results would be impressive enough, even though the first two weeks these planes were still being watered with Los acidic ph numbers and they survived because of the root mass im sure , but usually they would burn, but they did not show any signs of burning, they just veg real slow and than boom , over night I knew I had to flip or I would have major problems with light burn.

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@yoshi yeah i also don’t plan on doin autos next time unless i can’t get new ones in time (i hope to start new ones bout halfway through my current grow) then i will just do the remaining gg autos i have

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How do the G.G.#4 do in auto flower :cherry_blossom:,

Still learning lol…my oldest two are 3 weeks