First grow and first real problem. Please help!

Hi so I started a blueberry and 2 gold leafs going… 3weeks old. They are at 79 degrees with 2 led light said to be 900 watts total. 3 days ago was when I first saw the discoloration.

It looks like you mixed your own soil - good thing if you did it right. If this is new soil your plants are too young to have a nut def. but could be nut burn from improper mixing or you did not let the soil cook long enough. I like to let soil cook for 3 weeks before used first time. Don’t take pics under LED light, the camera does not show colors well. take a plant into daylight for the pics. If you did not mix your soil too hot they will grow out of this issue. Wait and see. Keep watered well.

Thanks so much for the feedback.

The soil could be the issue. I just transplanted the 3 and the starting soil was different than the second soil I used. That plant was weakest early on too so that would make sense.

A better pic

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Thanks donaldj

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