First grow and cannot decide on soil/nute indoor auto

Title says it all.
I have a 2x2 spider farmer sf1000 tent kit inbound right now to start my first grow! I decided to go with auto seeds from ILGM (wedding cake, gelato, and zkittles)
I’m having a hard time picking out a good soil to grow my auto’s in.
I was thinking of doing
70% happy frog
20% perlite
10% coco
Would this perform well?
Also I’m torn between getting the general go box, or the remo nutrient kits.
Go box is cheaper, but I’d rather pay good money for something that actually performs! Any luck with either of these nutes?
If you don’t mind kindly drop your soil/nute/fert regime?
Highly appreciate it!


Happy Frog uses coco coir. I see 70/30 Happy Frog/perlite mix recommended a lot.




Nice thanks for pointing that out to me!
What do you recommend for nutrients from start to finish?

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I use Happy Frog dry amendments for indoor and Alaska fish emulsion for outdoors. I feed at half strength.


What are your dry amendments of choice? And when do you usually add them? The end of week 3?

Here’s my recipe. My base is a super soil I mix myself. 4 parts coco coir, 1 part Black Kow manure compost or worm castings and a few handfuls of perlite and a couple of teaspoons of bat guano per gallon of mix.

My seedlings and clones go in just coco coir. They are there for at least the first 2 weeks (clones until I see the roots). Then they go into a quart bag of my super soil. They stay in that for one month.

Next they go in super soil with amendments added at half strength. I feed once a month by top dressing (dry) or soak feed (fish emulsion).


That’s it. I ph my water to 7ish and water when the plants are thirsty (every 2-3 days with a good soaking once a week). Feed once a month (changing to bloom feed when the plant goes into flower). And wait for the harvest.


Woah, Out of everything I’ve read over the past week this routine seems the easiest, and least time consuming. I’m digging it! I like the idea of dry amendments a lot.
The bloom feed would be the fruit and flower yeah?
Also do you feed with the fish fert and the all purpose once a month?

Thanks for being thorough and clarifying everything.

Welcome to the community I use FFOF bottom 2/3 FFHF top 1/3 in a 5 gal fabric pot. For nutes I use FF Trio.

I’m using the FF liquid trio and soluble trio. 1st time just the liquid trio, this time soluble and liquid. Soluble are magnitudes stronger then the liquid trio so be careful if you go this route. I’m sure it’s been said but I’ll say it anyways start with 1/4 to half dose and let the plant tell you if it needs more. You can dump a whole gallon of raw nutes on a plant, it can still only eat so much.

Yes, at half strength.