First grow and adoption. Pics


Thank you @garrigan65 I have really been trying. And thanks for the advice, she just seems so small for her age. Getting ready to water her now.


Hang in there because all of a sudden bang she take off on ya … lol


One more question please @garrigan65 One of my plants roots were growing on top of the soil. I don’t have any potting soil left and can’t get any for a couple of weeks. If I have sphagnum peat moss can I top the soil off with that or not?


sure I see no harm in that…go for it


Lazarus I believe is getting close to harvest would like your opinion please. @raustin @garrigan65 @DoobieNoobie

![20181128_143923|374x500] (upload://lGFSk1xml2emiG0vSlc8fGfc6gS.jpeg) Looking for energetic high. I’m lazy enough in the winter.


And I think most of the hairs have turned.


I’m too inexperienced in this department. But it looks like mostly cloudy. I didn’t really see much amber. And she looks ready. But that’s just my opinion. Wait on the experts to see what they say.


I would give her another week before I’d harvest her for an energetic high.


@raustin am I wanting to see some amber? What am I looking for, 10% amber?:thinking:


I would harvest at the very first sight of amber, 10% or less. So, about a week.


Ok one week it is. Thanks.


About. 2 more weeks then lights out 48 hours then cut her down


Checking in with new pics of the kids. Did some heavy lst’ing hoping ev1 bounces back in a couple of days. @raustin wanted to ask if they look alright? And what do I want my humidity at during veg. stage vs. flowering? When is the best time to begin the flowering? Lazarus went into flower on her own outside, so doing this inside I wasn’t sure. I know you said 70% of scrog covered. But curious about the free standing photos.



They look great. Your humidity should be around 60% for veg and under 50% for flower. It’s hard to say when to flip to flower cause every grow is different, but keep in mind that the plant will stretch to twice its size after flip, so you want to look at your plant and think about how big you want it to get in your space.


Thanks again @raustin:yellow_heart: always appreciate your input.


@raustin what am I looking at here? Pistil? Does this mean female or going into flower? It’s an auto planted on 10-24, Blue Haze.


Yep, those are pistils, she’s going into flower, congratulations!


Oh yeah!!! Great…my first auto⚘. I’m sooo happy. Thanks @raustin


Well I waited a week and put Lazarus in the dark 2 days ago. I cut her down today. I guess it wasn’t bad for half a plant. I enjoyed watching Lazarus grow through all her tribulations. Gone but not forgotten…


Congrats on the harvest looks like you got some big nugs there.