First grow and adoption. Pics


I would love it if you could get a new meter then flush and feed her. That would be the best scenario.


I would love too to…but ph meter won’t be here till next week. So this one will be in the hands of God till then. Thank you Ms. Raustin. Did the ppm sound ok? I haven’t a clue?


Your PPM is quite low for a plant that big. Are you feeding full dose?


I was following ff chart.


I feed like you told me and got a runoff ph best I could of 6.7 and ppm 361 and this is the chart I used when I fed before.


And I don’t know if it’s optical illusion but the plant doesn’t seem big to me. And its birtdate is 9-21. She is 22" tall and 11" across. I have no idea if that is normal. But the others are throwing off tons of these baby leaves inside don’t know what that is about either, just seems weird to me.


From what i seen you guys really know your stuff, i barely heard about this page & want to test it out. If i post pics of my first amateur grow can you guys help? Having a few problems.


This place is perfect for help. You may need to like a few posts maybe comment a time or two more before it’ll let you start a post. And you can get people’s attention by tagging them like this @Dame619 Pictures and as many details as possible help when you get ready.



okay this is my third smallest plant i seen i transplanted it to low & when i went to water them the bottom leaves drowned in water thats why i think the bottom leaves are dying. no light might be the problem also but i want to see what you guys think. i had this problem with my 3 biggest plants


I’m still learning myself and I don’t do dirt. But one thing I know for sure is any leaves that touch dirt will die. It looks healthy otherwise.



the second row of pictures is plant-A
My beautiful baby.


They look good. See if you can start a new post now. But like I said any leaves that touch the dirt will die. I don’t think that’s anything to worry about but I’m sure some others will chime in.


She looks very nice too except for the leaves touching. Like DoobieNoobie said. But there are some smart cookies here who are so helpful. Be prepared for some return questions cause they go in depth. Great group!!!


Ok, I really want to wait for that Ph meter, so just keep her watered and as happy as possible. When your Ph meter comes tag me and we’ll get this fixed.

The reason I don’t want to flush now is because I don’t want to strip the soil of any nutes that are in there, she needs them. I think if you water with 6.5 ph it will help her a lot. Then when your Ph meter comes you can flush and add back nutes at the correct Ph.


Ok @raustin this is what I did cause I didn’t here back from you. Understandable the film crew, LOL I do read your journal. You guys are my nightly entertainment. Anyway back to what I did I ran 5 gal. of ph’d water through her and then ph’d the nutes best I could with the test kit I had. But it was better than using the cheap digital one. And I did test her runoff and did the ppm. Got her in range the best I could and I think it helped let me show you yesterday-

And today- So I think she looks better, but as soon as the ph meter comes in I will hollar at ya.
Group photo-
Thanks for all you do @raustin.


She does look better! Wow, i’m glad you did that, it definitely helped.


Ok guys can you help me out with this little Jack Herer. Very short compact tons of tiny leaves. I moved the light up to 20" thinking it might help it stretch. Its ph was 6.6 and ppm 313. It was born on 9-26. I feed it 3 days ago and was going to water with cal mag. But I wanted to get an opinion on whats going on with this one. @raustin @garrigan65


She looks real nice. but from what I see is that she has had just a bit to much Nitrogen in her diet.
Cut back on the nutrients but only water for the next few time then start back and start with 1/4 and each feeding add a 1/4 more. Then I would stay at only 3/4 of what you have been feeding her till she gets a little bigger.
Other wise great job my friend 1