First grow and adoption. Pics


I fed her 5 days ago and she felt dry yesterday so I gave her a drink and added the humidifier. Everyone was fed the same foods grow big, big, bloom, and tigerbloom. I didn’t get a reading on her this time. Should I go ahead and give her some more to get runoff? Also is there anything I could test my ph stick in that you know has a certain ph like vinegar or something? I just got this ph stick and I calabrated it when I got it and I don’t know that I trust it.


What was your last Ph reading?


6.6 with the new ph stick.


This is a digital Ph meter you’re using?

I don’t know the Ph of vinegar, you really need calibration solution, but if you just calibrated i’m sure it’s fine.

Also, is she in flower?


This is the one I got it was a cheaper one but had 4.8 stars. But it gets down in the 6 range and then jumps down to like 2 and all over the place.


No we are still 18/6.


I think I would give this girl a good flush with some phe Ph-ed water, then give her a full dose of nutes.

If she’s not in flower then you shouldn’t be feeding Tiger Bloom yet, so leave that out. Give 2 tablespoons of Big Bloom and 1 tablespoon of Grow Big in one gallon of water.


Ok I will do that now thanks. I buy gallon water and the ph stick is like 8.6 does that sound right for cheap purified water?


Yeah, probably, so you should lower the Ph to 6.5.


This is a problem straight water here are readings 3 different tests. It’s a big difference between the digital and the two chem. tests. They both read about 6.8and 6.7 but the digital is 8.46. What to do???


I see the problem. I think your meter is off, bottled water is usually around 7.


That’s the same problem I had with my cheap meter. I ended up replacing it. The new one hasn’t been out of calibration since I got it.


I think I can use the chem. tests as long as I don’t add nutes. The color of the nutes screws with the test and makes it hard to read if not at all. I wish I knew how much the nutes causes the ph to go down.


What one did you get that works?


I bought the apera p20. I think @raustin has a bluelab don’t know the model. But either of those brands seem to be the best based on everyone here.


This is a good one:


Do you think after the flush it wouls be ok ph’ing water then adding nutes and wish for the best? I don’t know what more to do.


No, don’t do that, that will only make things worse.

Just add the nutes and ph it as best you can.


So do flush? Mix the nutes best I can feed her. Then get new ph meter? Ooops or did you mean no don’t flush? I need a joint, hokd on, LOL.


@raustin runoff was 7.2 and ppm 270.